lead pagesStaying on top of the latest trends and tools is crucial to becoming a market leader in the aesthetics industry. Making the most of the right blend of tools will also help take your marketing efforts to the next level, giving you more visibility and helping you generate more leads.

1) Lead Pages: There are more effective online advertising mediums than ever. Your practice no longer needs to spend thousands of dollars with Google Adwords in the hopes of obtaining new patients. Facebook, Real Self, and Yelp are just several of many websites where practices are successfully advertising.

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Ideally, when you advertise you want to drive prospects to a strategic landing page (not the home page). This landing page should have a clear, concise call to action that matches the ad you’ve set up. Enter Lead Pages. You can quickly and easily arrange great looking landing pages that also convert well. No coding is needed!


logo_bannersnack2) Banner Snack: While Photoshop is the uncontested leader when it comes to graphic design, it’s often overkill for smaller projects. Banner Snack is an extremely simple, yet effective, solution for designing banners, buttons, merging photos, overlaying text on photos, creating emails, and much more. Those with limited Photoshop skills will find this cloud-based software very easy to use.

3) Parallax: A popular, new type of website design, parallax websites incorporate animation and movement into the background of a website, moving at a different speed than the rest of the site. This results in an impressive visual effect. Parallax sites are often attention grabbing, utilize well-placed calls to action, tell a story, and allow the user to scroll through the page, promoting interactive viewing.

There are some downsides to parallax though. Many parallax sites require significant scrolling, as they have a bunch of content on one page. Since you can only optimize a single page for a small number of keywords, your SEO reach is more limited than if you broke this content up into multiple pages. You also need to be aware of page load times, as a slow-loading site will not only increase your bounce rates, but it’ll also hurt your search engine rankings.

Here’s an example of a website that utilizes parallax, but in a unique way that does not require significant scrolling: www.posturepump.com. Also, you can check out the 2nd parallax-style 2nd banner slide on www.socoplasticsurgery.com. These examples utilize parallax elements, whereas a site like Mario Kart History goes all out in their use of parallax. Check them all out to compare.

It’s important to remember that tools are tools. Simply utilizing these tools won’t make you successful; it’s how you utilize them.

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