So you’ve got the website, the fancy photo gallery, search engine optimization and the email marketing software. You may even be spending money on advertising. As a plastic surgeon, what else do you need?

I’ve outlined 4 “new” strategies that, if implemented properly, will help grow your practice. Keep in mind that some of these aren’t new in the sense that they were just released, but new in that they are under-utilized by plastic surgeons nationwide. In other words, you’d gain a competitive advantage by investing in the tools.

patient retention & re-activation– PR&R: Also know as Patient Retention & Re-activation, this software is relatively new. It allows you to contact your patients with special, limited-time offers that can be purchased directly from an email! It’s like a Groupon offer, but better, because you only target you collect 88% of the revenue generated (including credit card process fees). The software also has tools to send out Birthday offers, Facebook specials for new Fans and more! You can learn more about it here.

– Video Marketing: This is perhaps the oldest of all the tools, yet most under-utilized. Cast studies with before & after photos speak volumes, but there’s nothing quite like a video testimonial. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it is properly optimized so that it shows up highly on search engines as well. If you’re already generating video testimonials from patients, great, but you can never really have enough of these as a plastic surgeon, so get in the habit of shooting at least 1 video per month. Also, here are some advanced tips to consider.

google authorship– Google+: This is one of the newest social networks that has its sights on Facebook; however, Google+ seems to really be influencing search engine results. This makes sense, as Google likes Google. The key is not only setting up and using Google+ for you practice, but also as an individual. Create a page for the doctor and then claim your authorship. By doing so, you’ll see your photo start to show up next to your search engine listings, and you might even notice a bump in your rankings.

 – Banner advertising: Again, this isn’t really new, but unlike traditional pay-per-click search engine marketing, banner advertising is under-utilized. If you’re going to invest in Google AdWords at all, you have to consider re-marketing as well. Re-marketing allows you to show banner ads on other websites that are a part of the Google AdSense network. The best part is that these banners are only shown to people who have previously visited your website! With the right “call to action” you can convert more of these website visitors into leads.

These are just four areas to step up your marketing game. If you’d like to learn more about improving your marketing for your medical practice then drop Turbo a line here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.