As I’ve mentioned many times, email marketing is vital for any aesthetic medical practice, particularly those with services that range beyond just cosmetic surgery. Many of my previous articles have focused on the importance of email marketing, including: where to begin and how to know if it’s working.

In this article I’d like to bring up seven key dos and don’ts that every practice should follow. This is a concise list that could probably include more tips, so feel free to add any of your own in the comments section.

1) Don’t send out emails without a software: This is a no-brainer, yet I still see this occasionally. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, signed into affect by George W. Bush, specifically prohibits various types of email spam. This includes the ability to for the recipient to opt-out from any and all emails they receive. In order to comply with this law you need a software. Plus, you can customize an email template with a software, and they’re relatively cheap to use.

2) Don’t be overly promotional ALL THE TIME: Make sure your emails are diverse. You definitely want to send out promotions and specials, but that’s not all you want to use email for. Keep people updated on any practice news, such as a new doctor, a new laser or treatment, an award, or a recent media segment. Inform your list about upcoming events in or outside of the practice. You can also use email to inform your patients of contests that you might be running, social networks that you’ve recently joined, or even review sites that you’d love them to mention you on (in a positive way). The bottom line is, promotions are important, but being overly promotional can turn people off and lead to more unsubscribes from your list.

3) Don’t send out offers with expiration dates too far in advance: As mentioned in #2, it’s perfectly fine to send out special offers, in fact it’s encouraged, just make sure you set an expiration date on them. Keep your offers between 1 week and 1 month. Anything beyond 1 month and people will put it off and possibly forget about your specials.

4) Don’t make your email design one image (use combination of text & images): Most email providers  require you to click a hyper-link at the top of the message that says “display images below.” Needless to say, many users overlook this. Now, if your email has a message inside of it that is not an image, people will still be able to read the content without having to click the hyper-link. However, it’s all one image, then they will see nothing at all in the email. You and I might be savvier when it comes to using email, but it pays to be safe here and keep the bulk of your email in text, with images in the header, footer and sometimes next to the text.

5) Do stick with the same, or similar, email template design:  This is a pet peeve of mine. Some practices like to get cute and change up their design every email. Why? You want to keep your branding consistent so that people recognize your practice. If you’re constantly changing the design you lose that identity. The inner-part of the email, as mentioned in #4, can and should be modified with new photos, videos and text, but the header and color scheme should remain constant.

6) Do have a ‘call to action’: Make sure that you tell people what they need to do in every email. Whether it’s click to see a blog article, click to fill out the form to schedule your free consultation, or call to RSVP for an event, you need to have a ‘call to action’ within every email.

7) Do promote any events or specials outside of your emails: This one could also be re-phrased to say “Don’t rely solely on emails for promotions” (but I felt I had too many “don’ts” already)! Email is a medium that most people use every day; however, it should never be your only source for announcing events or specials. Make sure that your staff is informing everyone who comes into the office, and make sure that there is signage in the office as well. For bigger events or specials consider using direct mail.

If you have any questions about getting set up with email marketing, or if you’d like a free evaluation of your existing email marketing, contact Turbo today by leaving us a message here or calling 877-673-7096 x2.