not providedIt seems like with each passing year fewer cosmetic practices are spending their marketing dollars on search engine advertising, such as Google AdWords. This is due to increasing costs-per-click and decreasing returns. While we’ve certainly noticed this trend, there is one huge advantage to investing in Google AdWords that is only gaining ground, and that’s the business intelligence that you can draw from keyword reports.

If your practice is currently investing in SEO you’ll notice notice that when you view the organic traffic to the site the top keyword is “(not provided).” This means that the Google user was logged in to a Google account when they typed in the keywords that brought them to your website. Due to the existing privacy policy, Google will not disclose organic keyword information if the user is logged in at the time of the search.

More and more we’re seeing (not provided) show up as the #1 keyword, accounting in anywhere from 50-90% of the organic traffic.  This makes sense because more and more people are using Google’s services, primarily Gmail, YouTube and Google+.

So how can you gather important keyword information if it’s not provided? You can look at the keyword data that is provided, analyzing trends over time, and speculate what the not provided keywords are. However, the more accurate option is to invest in advertising, because no keyword data is filtered.

With Google AdWords you can break down the specific keywords that brought each and every click to your website. This valuable data that can in turn be used to help modify or expand upon existing SEO campaigns.

It’s worth noting that while pay-per-click data can influence organic strategy, the opposite is also true. Take for example the recent Hummingbird update, which rolled out the knowledge graph and improvements to conversational searches. These adjustments were made to improve the user experience. Search engine advertisers should take note of these organic updates as they provide a better understanding of user intent.

Like any type of advertising, you don’t know how effective it’ll be until you try it. I encourage most cosmetic practices to experiment with a modest budget to start. Also, consider utilizing the re-marketing feature with banner ads.

If you’d like to learn more about improving your intelligence gathering, or you’re interested in Google AdWords, leave Turbo a note here. You can also reach us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.