With the growth of social media over the past few years, more and more physicians, surgeons and doctors are finding out what others are saying about their practice before they know. Like any profession, these medical professionals are susceptible to reviews.

More importantly, the availability of these reviews to the average consumer has increased the amount of research that people do online before they entertain a buying decision. Studies back this up. According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, Sixty-one percent (61%) of American adults look on-line for health information. Forty-nine percent (49%) of Internet users report researching a specific disease or medical problem on the Internet.  Forty-seven percent (47%) report seeking information about their physician or other healthcare professionals from on-line sources.

The study also says that five percent (5%) of “E-Patients” have posted a review online of a doctor. These reviews, that come from a relatively small fraction of a physicians total number of patients, help to form the doctors online reputation.

In a previous blog post, Importance of Review Sites for Your Cosmetic Practice, I outlined several different review sites that every medical professional should look into. The point of this article is to re-emphasize the importance of a physician’s reputation online.

In the medical field, physicians may be faced with, at some pint in their career, legal action. It’s just the nature of their work, and all you can do to prevent this is take legal precautions and perform good work. Well, physicians who are faced with any kind of medical malpractice suit could have their online reputation scrutinized by the plaintiff’s attorney. In fact, any wise attorney will look online first.

According to Geoffrey Vance, a 38 year old partner at McDermott, Will and Emry: “We used to run Lexus Nexus; we still do that. We always look at cases, and now we use the internet – Google, and social networking sites.”

What’s the bottom line? Your medical practice needs to have a reputation online, and it starts with positive reviews. More importantly though, your medical practice needs to have a comprehensive social media strategy online, to help keep patients coming back. YOU NEED TO BE PRO-ACTIVE with ALL OF YOUR ONLINE EFFORTS. This startegy will lead to returning patients, increased revenue and an outstanding online reputation.

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