video-marketingVideo on the internet has become a phenomenal new marketing technique that more and more businesses are utilizing. If done correctly, these videos will show up in the organic search results and provide potential clients with a personal connection to you or your company before they click onto your blog, website, or landing page. With the right content, videos can often be viewed by thousands of people, which help create an everlasting stream of traffic to your website.

At Turbo, we take care of the editing of your videos, including adding an intro, outro, “call to action”, music, images and more. Whatever your video needs we can get it done. More importantly though, Turbo will optimize and distribute all of your video over the vast network of video sites. We submit your videos with different titles, tags, and descriptions to up to 5 different video and social media sites so that your name/business/product will appear for your desired keywords.

We play a pro-active role with your company, and will work with you to develop topics, content, and release schedules. If your business needs a more professional video shot, Turbo can make it happen. Our producers and videographers can go to your location and film you on the spot. Contact Turbo today to learn more about our video marketing services.

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