If you’ve been following this blog you’ll notice a theme that is consistent across most of the articles. All the different types of marketing that we encourage for medical practices are geared towards generating new patients. Well, before someone becomes a new patient they need to give you their information in order for your staff to follow up with them and schedule an appointment or consultation. So how do you encourage people to give you their information? Have a strong ‘call to action.’

For the sake of this article we’ll assume that you have all the tools in place to drive traffic to your website (solid SEO, a social media presence, email marketing, etc). If that’s the case then you’ve accomplished the first goal of getting people to your website. The next, and more important, goal is to convert them into a lead.

Start by making sure that your website header has your phone number and address. Make sure this information stands out on every page. This will make it easy for potential patients who are eager to quickly see your phone number and call. However, not everyone is ready to immediately pick up the phone and call, and not everyone is comfortable calling in. Therefore, you need to include and contact form on every page of your website, or at the very least, your home page (and contact us page).

Simply adding a form to your home page isn’t enough though, you need to give people a reason to give you their information. It’s a value proposition. You’re offering something that they would like to take advantage of. In other words, you need a call to action. Here are a few to consider:

  • Discount of product or service: You can rotate this call to action as your specials change. Then you can keep track of which products and treatments are more popular by comparing the number of leads generated.
  • Free consultation: This is a common call to action, and it works for most treatments. The word “free” is always enticing. If you have a unique opt-in form for a service where there’s no free consultation, then simply say, “Enter your information to request a consultation.”
  • “Ask the Doctor”: Another great option. This paints the doctor as an expert and encourages interaction. You can also gather a lot of great information from the questions and concerns patients are submitting, which is great material for future blog posts and social media messages. It’s also a solid alternative if you don’t want to give a discount or free consultation at any given time.
  • Free report: Perhaps the easiest way to generate leads. This might generate leads that aren’t necessarily ready to commit financially, but they are interested in what you have to say, which is a start.

These are just a few of the many different calls to action you can incorporate on your website to help generate more leads, and ultimately, more consultations and patients. Remember, even “lukewarm” leads that come in, and that do not immediately lead to a consultation, are still valuable. You can continue to market to them via social media and email. Just remember that marketing is not selling, so always provide value in your messages and don’t be overly promotional.

I recommend you try several different calls to action out. See what works and what doesn’t, and make sure you analyze all this data using Google Analytics (or another comparable software). If you have any questions about calls to action, or simply generating new patients for your medical practice, then leave Turbo a message here, or call 877-673-7096 x708.