When running a plastic surgery practice, efficiency is the key to profitability.  Efficiency allows a surgeon extra vacation time with family, the ability to take Friday’s off, and the ability to see more patients and earn more income.

Efficiency also allows you to book more surgeries from the consultations you perform.  After all, even if you charge for your consultations, you cannot make ends meet without performing surgery!

In this article I will discuss two tools that can greatly increase your booking rates.

Illusio Demo Screen ShotThe first tool has been catching on like wildfire.  The reactions from both surgeons and patients is unlike anything on the market today. The product is Illusio, and it allows a surgeon and patient to create a 3D simulation of what their post-operative result can look like…in real time!

Illusio uses a technology called “Augmented Reality” which overlays a 3D breast model, configured by the surgeon, on top of a live image of the patient.  A patient can literally work in real time with their surgeon to develop a look that she desires (all while the surgeon sets realistic expectations, using this tool and his or her own knowledge of how procedural options and body types interact).

The tool has early surgeons converting breast surgery consultations at over 80%!!!  In addition, patients have been raving about their experience with Illusio and given positive feedback over 90% of the time!

Illusio can currently be used for breast augmentation, mastopexy, and breast reduction imaging.

Visit IllusioDemo.com to view a video that shows the technology in action and to request a personalized demonstration!

software-box-png-450-x-450The second tool helps not only to get the patient in the door, but also to make buying decisions.

It’s the Turbo Before & After Photo Gallery for WordPress, which was designed with Plastic Surgeons in mind from its inception!  There are many features that help when it comes to organizing your photos, but none more important and unique for breast procedures than our filtering system.

If you have a large number of cases to show, then you likely have results from women of all ages, cup sizes, implant shapes and volumes, as well as women who have either had or not had children. There are so many variables in breast surgery that your potential list of filtering attributes is limitless!

Women considering breast surgery prefer to see a results that match their age, body type, and lifestyle.  A 45 year old woman who’s had three pregnancies will likely not find a 21 year old’s breast augmentation case study relevant. Therefore, having a filtering system that works with your photo gallery to helps women to find more relevant cases is a game-changer!  Being able to quickly and easily show prospective patients relevant results will increase your conversion rates during consultations!

Here are 3 breast surgery galleries that use Turbo’s Photo Gallery with various filtering options:

Kyle Song MD (Irvine, CA)

Brian Windle MD (Seattle, WA)

Rudy Coscia MD (Sacramento, CA)

For more information on the Turbo Before & After Photo Gallery, visit TurboMedApps.com