Building an email list and effectively marketing using email software has become a MUST HAVE now for a plastic surgery practice (even if you only do surgery).

Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Aweber…there are so many to choose from and it is easy to get lost in the noise.  Every software claims to be the best and these arguments have been going on for many years now.

Best Email Marketing Platform

This has led the email marketing software industry to start competing on price and it is now a race to see who can add more bloated features that businesses don’t really need or use anyway…

That is why we created this article to help you weed through the noise and introduce you to the TOP Email Marketing Platform for Plastic Surgeons in 2019.  This article will help you realize what features you really need and what is important.

Below, we’ll compare the pricing and features of the top 2 email marketing software’s available and a wild card that you likely have never heard of…  Turbo Mail vs. Mail Chimp vs. Constant Contact, and which is best for plastic surgeons. We’ll also dive into what makes Turbo Mail as a service truly unique.

Turbo Mail


Pricing Turbo Mail *Mail Chimp **Constant Contact
0-500 contacts $0 $14.99 $20
501-1,000 contacts $0 $14.99 $45
1,001-2,500 contacts $20 $14.99 $45
2,501-5,000 contacts $60 $49.99 $65
5,001-10,000 contacts $110 $74.99 $95
10,001-25,000 contacts $196 $99-$219 $195-225

*Mail Chimp “Standard” Plan Pricing and Constant Contact “Email” Plan Pricing, pricing as of August 13, 2019


Features Turbo Mail *Mail Chimp *Constant Contact
Lead Scoring Y Y Y
Lead Segmentation Y N Y
Web Activity Tracking Y Y N
Split Testing Y N N
Personalized Web Content Y N Y
Event Management Y N N
Zapier Integration Y Y Y
Gmail Integration Y Y Y
Outlook Integration Y Y Y
Bi-Directional CRM Syncing Y N N

*Mail Chimp comparison and Constant Contact comparison from independent 3rd party, Marketing Automation Insider

Introducing Turbo Mail

The best kept secret in Plastic Surgery marketing

Turbo Mail is a proprietary email marketing platform that is rich with automation, high deliverability rates, a very easy-to-use interface with a robust drag and drop email builder tool.

While Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are solid email marketing solutions, the biggest thing that separates Turbo Mail from these two are the marketing automations and segmentations you can implement. This makes Turbo Mail a more robust CRM, rather than just a basic email marketing software.

How Can I Access Turbo Mail?

Turbo Mail is only available to our Turbo Medical Marketing Gold Executive clients and it is included in our package for no extra fee for the first 1,000 contacts.

What is the Gold Executive Membership?

The goal when establishing the Gold Executive Membership was to build a complete digital solution for practice growth, engineered to deliver high levels of sustainable results, and resilient enough to navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape that we see today.

Gold Membership

The Executive Gold Membership isn’t just a marketing plan, it is a cache of many different strategies, designed to work in unison to accomplish our mission of growth for our members!

What Other Technology Does Turbo Offer?

Another huge advantage to becoming a “Gold Executive” member of Turbo’s is all the other technology that’s included in our membership package.

  • Magic Rating for reviews – A turnkey system to capture 5 star reviews and testimonials from your patient base
  • Turbo Phone Tag for call tracking – A software that helps you identify where EACH call is coming from and also records calls for training and accountability
  • Turbo Text by ZipWhip – A robust 2-way texting platform that utilizes automation to increase lead response rates by up to 60%


This is where our aesthetic practice partners, particularly plastic surgeons that are Turbo Gold members, see the most value in using Turbo Mail. Why? When you sign up for Mail Chimp or Constant Contact you can utilize all their features, but as the old saying goes “tools are tools.” Without a strategy, your tools are worthless.

You don’t simply purchase a hammer, nails, wood, a saw, and other tools based on their price and rating and then expect you can build a bookshelf with no expertise or knowledge of how to use these tools. The same goes for email marketing.

Tools are Tools

Mail Chimp and Constant Contact may not evenly match up with Turbo Mail on pricing and features, but they’re decent solutions. However, it’s not all about price or features. The key difference between these two software providers and Turbo Mail is that, as part of the Gold executive membership, Turbo Mail is a done-for-you, agency-managed service.

Take the Next Step

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