Best Software to Edit Patient Testimonial Videos

/Best Software to Edit Patient Testimonial Videos

Best Software to Edit Patient Testimonial Videos

If your medical practice has already shot videos of patient testimonials then congratulations, you’re ahead of most practices. If your practice hasn’t done any video marketing or shot any patient testimonial videos then I encourage you to read a couple previous articles I wrote, including How to Generate More Reviews Online and Using Youtube for Your Medical Practice.

Once you have the video the next step is editing it. Do you need to hire a professional? Of course not, unless you really want a professionally produced video, which is not necessary when it comes to patient testimonials. All you need is the right software to allow you to snip scenes, add an intro/outro and add some effects.

Here are a few good (and inexpensive) solutions:

1) Windows Movie Maker– This software is actually free, since it comes with any new PC that you buy. It’s the most basic of the three examples listed here, but it can certainly get the job done. Their editing tools allow you to trim, split, slow down or speed up the movie. You also have flexible audio controls, and you can add music and photos seamlessly. This is a great choice for someone just starting out.

2) Camtasia- A solid step up from Windows Movie Maker. While there is more of a learning curve for using this software, there are several advatages to using Camtasia over Windows Movie Maker, including:

  • easily turn movie into HD video
  • more advanced import options
  • screen/webcam recorder
  • voice narration
  • audio enhancements

3) Sony Vegas– Similar to Camtasia, but Sony Vegas is viewed as better editing software, while Camtasia is viewed as better for capturing videos from your screen and creating basic online videos for Youtube. If you’re creating a Powerpoint video with narration demonstrating something to your audience on-screen then Camtasia is your best bet. If you want a complete editing software where you need green screen effects or studio-quality video, then Sony Vegas is a better tool.

I left out quite a few other quality video editing software tools, so feel free to add on to this list. The three listed above are certainly enough for your medical practice to make basic edits to any videos you shoot for the practice, especially patient testimonials. The bottom line with this comparison is that there is no right solution, but I will say that if all you’re doing is editing patient testimonials then Windows Movie Maker will work just fine.

If you have any questions about video testimonials or the different types of software available then contact Turbo Social Media today or call 877-673-7096 x2.

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