Calls to Action that Don’t Involve Discounts

/Calls to Action that Don’t Involve Discounts

Calls to Action that Don’t Involve Discounts

call to action without discountAs an aesthetic practice, your main focus is to grow your business, and to do that you need to generate leads. These leads need to be treated like gold, as many can result in over $10,000 in revenue. But how to you generate leads?

Start by thinking about incentives. What value are you providing patients with to get them to pick up the phone and call or to leave you their contact information? This incentive is known as a “call to action,” and many practices rely on discounts and special deals to help generate leads. However, there are other incentives that your practice can utilize without discounting your services.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Schedule Your Free Consultation Today
  • Ask the Doctor a Question
  • Download Our E-book on the Six Simple Skincare Tips to help You Look Younger
  • Download Our Podcast on the Top Three Anti-Aging Tips for Women Over 40
  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter to Receive the Latest Health & Wellness Tips
  • Subscribe to Our Blog to Stay Up-to-Date on the Newest Beauty Trends

Each of these calls to action give patients an incentive to submit their information, much more so than a simple “Contact Us” web page. Obviously, a lead who subscribes to your blog isn’t as valuable as one that completes your contact form expressing interest in a specific procedure. However, they’re valuable nonetheless, but only if you nurture them.

Converting Leads to PatientsNurturing a lead involves a follow-up correspondence. For each unique call to action you’ll want a unique follow-up process in place. You’ll want to configure this process within your email marketing software.

Once someone has given you their email address they’ve established a touch point. Your goal should then be to provide valuable information to this person, not spam them, and then try to convert them into a patient.

Remember that marketing is not selling. Whether you have a lead that subscribes to your blog or a lead that expresses strong interest in a very profitable service you need to establish your value as the expert. By establishing yourself as a credible expert you’re gaining the patient’s trust. Once you’ve done that you’ve already sold them.

One final tip: work in a 2-step opt-in for whatever call to action you choose. This means linking a button to a pop up web form. Recent studies have shown that these convert better than one-step opt-in forms!

If you need help re-working your lead generation process or creating new ‘calls to action’ then get in touch with Turbo today. Simply leave us a note here or call 877-673-7096 x2.



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