Aesthetic Practice Do’s and Don’ts for Running Facebook Ads in 2020

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Is your aesthetic practice interested in running Facebook or Instagram ads? Or have you run them in the past without much luck? Chances are you're not following the best practices or the basic do's and don'ts of running ads on these social networks. We've collaborated with our CMO, Chris Moore, a #1 Best Selling Author on [...]

Best Places to Advertise Your Aesthetic Practice Online: Part II

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This is part II of our three part series about the best places to advertise your aesthetic practice online. Here are the links to the other two parts in this series: Click here to view Part I: Search Engines Click here to view Part III: Other Advertising Mediums Part II: Social Media and Review Platforms Outside of [...]

What’s New With Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads are on the rise, and for good reason. While Facebook has always had a multitude of demographic targeting options, they've recently expanded their advertising solutions even further. If your practice has boosted posts or experimented with some ads in the past - with little to no success - then you might be interested [...]

2015 Digital Marketing Predictions for Cosmetic Practices

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It’s that time of year! The Holidays are approaching and people are starting to think about their New Years’ resolutions. As we sprint toward 2015, I’d like to look ahead to better help your practice prepare for what’s to come in this new year. 1) End of the “free ride” on Facebook: I mentioned back [...]

Why Facebook ‘Likes’ No Longer Matter

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If you haven't already noticed, your practice's Facebook updates are being seen by less and less of your Fans, even if you've steadily grown the total number of 'likes'. What's the reason for this? In short, the "free ride" is over! According to Valleywag, your Fan page posts are now only being seen by 1-2% [...]

Supercharge Your Facebook Advertising With These Solutions

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In the past, Facebook's advertising allowed you to target your audience by geography, gender, age, "likes" and other characteristics that users specified on their personal pages. This type of advertising still exists on Facebook; however, there are far more effective ways for your practice to reach new patients. Instead of targeting to all women between [...]

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name

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If you have a Facebook Fan page, the first thing that you need to be aware of is the customized page name. You just need to go to http://www.facebook.com/username in order to set your Fan page up with a unique page name. But what if you need to change a page name that you've already set? I'll review that [...]

Do Facebook Welcome Pages Still Matter?

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That's the million dollar question. No, wait, that's the billion dollar question. According to several reports, by changing one simple setting Facebook completed altered the relevance of a budding industry: Facebook welcome page designers and developers. When Facebook switched over to the Timeline format, Pages lost the ability to set their welcome page as the [...]