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5 Ways Your Practice Can Generate Cash While You’re Closed

By |2020-05-28T09:36:16-07:00March 26th, 2020|News, Sales|

Your aesthetic practice is now closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent government orders for "non-essential businesses" to temporarily shut down. From a sales and marketing perspective, you want to make sure you've covered your bases by emailing and texting patients and updating your Google My Business page, to name a couple. More on [...]

6 Most Important Sales and Marketing Pieces that Compliment Turbo Medical Marketing’s Services

By |2020-03-06T07:51:59-07:00February 13th, 2020|Sales, Technology|

Turbo Medical Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency, but that doesn't mean we give you every single digital marketing or sales tool or skill your aesthetic practice needs to be successful. No agency does. Here's a breakdown of everything you get with Turbo: SEO - citations/directory management and procurement; backlink building; schema/structured data Content [...]

How to Automate Your Followup to Improve Your Lead-to-Consultation Rates

By |2020-01-27T11:10:03-07:00June 19th, 2019|Sales, Technology|

For an aesthetic practice owner - or a marketing agency managing an aesthetic practice -  there's nothing more frustrating than succeeding in your efforts to drive more traffic and generate more leads only for them to fail to get these leads through the sales cycle. One of the biggest roadblocks in this lead-to-new-patient sales funnel [...]

Do My Web Leads Really Suck?

By |2020-01-27T11:10:20-07:00April 12th, 2019|Lead Generation, Sales|

"My web leads suck!" Many of us have dealt with a situation like this, whether as the business owner, practice manager, or in our case, the agency helping to generate the leads. There's nothing more frustrating than hearing this because this phrase doesn't really tell you anything. You need to dig into the "why" to [...]

How To Close Leads At Your Medical Practice

By |2016-12-23T12:42:28-07:00September 8th, 2011|Sales|

So you have a sound marketing strategy in place and you're starting to generate leads. Great! Now you need to have the right strategy and system in place to convert these leads into consultations and these consultations into patients. In this article I'll focus more on converting the leads into consultations. It goes without saying [...]