As Google+ continues to grow in numbers of users, so does its impact on search results. That’s not surprising, as Google tends to prefer itself over others! What you tend to see more of in search results is a website with a Google+ account listed with it. You’ll see a photo of the doctor, along with “by ____” in the listing.

These search results don’t just show up automatically. First of all, you need a Google+ account for your practice. Secondly, you’ll need a website and blog associated with that account. Then you need to claim your Google Authorship in order to ensure your search results show up in this new format (see example to the right). You can check out a detailed list of how to claim your authorship here.

One twist in getting this set up is that you need to confirm your authorship by having an email address that matches the domain of your website. If you happened to set up your Google+ account on a different email address then you’ll want to click here for instructions on how to finalize your authorship claim.

If you need any help claiming your authorship, or even getting set up with Google+ or a blog, then talk to Turbo today. Leave us a message here or simply call 877-673-7096 x2.