choosing Web & Marketing CompanyGoDaddy started this trend years ago, and it makes sense. If you’ve ever purchased a domain name from them there’s quite an upsell process at the checkout. Do you want a private domain name? Do you want to lock it up for 5 years? Relevant questions and a smart business model. However, then you’ll see…do you want hosting? Do you need a website? Do you need an online store? Do you need SEO?

It’s easy to see how someone with little online experience might think that this bundled “marketing” package seems like a good deal. However, no legitimate cosmetic practice should ever invest any money into a domain name provider’s website package. Sure, they’ll sound appealing (because they’re cheap), but they’re drag & drop templates are extremely limited. They’re perfect for a small florist shop or deli just opening up in town, for example, but a well-respected cosmetic practice? No way! No matter who builds your website, it should almost always be built on WordPress (the exception being the need for a large e-commerce website with robust back-end fulfillment requirements) .

As far as the marketing goes, I’d be even more wary about investing a dime with these types of companies. GoDaddy lists SEO services for $2.69/month! Yes, per MONTH! What could they possibly do to benefit your practice for that amount? There are no deliverables at all, just fluff, like many SEO proposals I see. Perhaps the most laughable selling point of all is that they’ll submit your website to the search engines. This is completely unnecessary. Google, and others, are sophisticated enough to be able to index any new website that doesn’t have internal flaws.

One of GoDaddy’s competitors,, recently produced a commercial that promotes social media marketing and I literally laughed out loud. They were pushing this service with fake business people claiming how they suddenly got more business because they have this new Facebook page and this great social media marketing team, FOR FREE!

The reason I laughed at the commercial is because of the way pitched their services, as if putting up a Fan page will result in new customers calling you right away. This wasn’t even true before Facebook altered their algorithm, and it certainly isn’t true now, given that only 1-2% of YOUR Fans see your posts. Yet, here’s this commercial implying that they’ll set up your Facebook page for free and manage it for free for a couple months and this will result in new business. That’s not how social media works!

Getting results with SEO and social media take time and a strong, consistent effort. Neither will bring you immediate return, and both are best utilized in conjunction with some kind of advertising budget (for both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising).

I want to be clear that I’m definitely not trying to bash GoDaddy or The former is great for registering domains (I’ve purchased several from them). Their hosting isn’t bad either. Both are even good solutions for small, local businesses just getting their feet wet with a simple website.

When it comes to marketing you need an experienced agency that has a proven track record in the medical and cosmetic industry. You need an agency that understands your business model, your most popular services, your most profitable services, your demographics, and more, and then uses that information to tailor a strategy. You need a team that’ll not only provide monthly deliverables, but also coach and push you on everything you can be doing to further help our efforts. That’s the Turbo difference.

If you have questions about anything ranging from registering a domain name to building a website to marketing your practice then leave Turbo a message here. You can also call us at 877-673-7096 x2.