Cosmetic Surgeon Marketing Secrets that Plastic Surgeon Marketing Agencies Wont Tell You

/Cosmetic Surgeon Marketing Secrets that Plastic Surgeon Marketing Agencies Wont Tell You

Cosmetic Surgeon Marketing Secrets that Plastic Surgeon Marketing Agencies Wont Tell You

When it comes to marketing for cosmetic surgeons, every company has their own pitch to tell you why their solution is the best, and why you should start with them. I’ll be frank with you, right now, just as always, the best plastic surgeon marketing technique is… REFERRALS!

Ok, so that may be obvious, but in case its not, why would myself, as the founder of a cosmetic surgeon marketing agency tell you that my solutions are not the best? Simply put, word of mouth is king. The patients that come in for a consultation from a referral are more likely to book and less likely to be price resistant because they already view you as credible, and they already trust you. All you need to do with these potential patients and get to know them and what their pain is, and present to them a viable solution.

In the case that you’re looking to build your practice with patients that you don’t already know, I suggest that you turn to the new way of word of mouth marketing for plastic surgeons. Social Media! Let me preface this by saying that I don’t want you to think that getting on Twitter and Facebook will bring you a flood of new patients. Should your practice have a presence there? Absolutely.
Social Media takes many forms. Among them, the best social media techniques for cosmetic surgeon marketing are:
• Blogging
• Review Sites
• Video Marketing

At the time of writing this article, we’re in the final stages of publication of my new book, How to Build Your Aesthetic Practice by Leveraging Social Media Marketing. As a gift from me to you for coming to my website today, I’d like to offer you a complimentary copy of it as soon as it comes out. I’ll even be paying for shipping and handling! Just fill out the form on the right and I’ll make sure to contact you when the book is published. If you’d like to convince me to let you preview the book, feel free to contact myself or my staff at 877-673-7096 x2.

I hope I’ve sparked your interest today. Leave me a message below.

Matthew Arndt
President, Turbo Social Media

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After developing Internet marketing strategies for countless companies, Matthew Arndt discovered a big need for social media marketing services. He founded Turbo Medical Marketing in 2009 to not just fill that need, but also provide a level of expertise and service offerings that are unparalleled in the industry. Matt has always been “the techy entrepreneur”. Even in college, he started a successful company called “PackMyDorm”, a full service moving and storage company that was virtually based and operated out of Davis, CA in association with Bekins Van Lines. He operates Turbo under the same principles he teaches, which is why you’ll see him all over the social web in blogs, articles, videos and networks. Turbo keeps him busy, but in his limited spare time, Matt enjoys traveling, SCUBA diving, swimming, sailing, snowboarding, and spending time with his family and friends. Matt was also a member of the UC Davis Men’s Varsity Swim Team. He still trains and competes in swimming and open water events and currently resides with his family in Newport Beach, CA.


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    I am a plastic surgery content writer and was wondering if you needed any original SEO driven articles to use for your clients. Let me know.


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      Yes, we’re always looking for good writers. Please email your resume to [email protected].

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