Successful cosmetic surgeons are very aware of appearance. They have to be, not only to relate to their patients, but also differentiate themselves from competitors. Walk in to a successful cosmetic surgeon’s office and you’ll see an exceptionally clean office with a friendly receptionist. You also are likely to see a comfortable waiting room, equipped with a waiting room video that the doctor probably spent thousands of dollars on.

A successful practice will also give you brochures and other marketing materials after your consultation. Everything that goes on within a successful practice is meant for the potential patient, and current patient, to feel confident that their operation will be a success. There is no reason why a doctor’s website should not take this same approach.

All too often the website is the biggest piece of the marketing puzzle that doctors neglect. Why? Because they don’t see it as a piece of the marketing puzzle, they see it simply a website. Nowadays, people have more information than ever to research and make decisions before even picking up the phone to schedule a consultation.

Besides a website that is graphically appealing, here are some things that your cosmetic surgery practice must have:

  • A CALL TO ACTION: I cannot stress this enough. You need to not only have your phone number in your header, but an opt-in form on EVERY page!
  • Testimonials (preferably video): You can call these “success stories” or “rave reviews.” Either way they are extremely important. I would recommend that you film your patients after they have recovered and then upload them to YouTube.
  • Social Proof: Before and After photos are a must. You can even intertwine these photos with the patient testimonials.
  • Branding: The website must reflect your brand. It should be consistent with all of your marketing materials with colors that reflect a positive and sterile feeling for your prospective patient. Avoid red and black colors, as they are often associated with death (seriously).


These are just a few of the things that I would recommend you incorporate into your website. Again, the key is generating leads. You have to think like a marketer in order to appeal to your potential patients. Create a visually appealing website with lots of great information. Furthermore, make it as easy as possible for potential patients to submit their information.

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