I recently came across an article written a little over a month ago by the examiner.com, a local news source provider with a presence in most major US metropolitans. This specific article focused on an interview with New York doctor Sean Khozin, MD, MPH. Dr. Khozin is well know for his use of social media, and has even been featured in the New York Times.

Here is a summary of his main points, as he described them:

1) Most Doctors do not use social media professionally
The small subset of those that are actively engaged, use it for three main reasons: 1. promote their practices 2. disseminate their expertise, and 3. share information with their colleagues.

2) There are certain things doctors and patients need to be aware of when using social media
Most social media services lack the type of security and encryption required for direct patient-doctor contact. There is also the potential for the propagation of erroneous information if the physician communicating the message is not an expert in the topic.”
“…medicolegal barriers are the biggest concern. Social media may also stretch the appropriateness of the patient-doctor relationship. For example, if a patient friends a physician on their personal Facebook page, it can take the patient-doctor relationship out of its professional context…

3) Social media will play a growing role the future of the medical profession
I think more physicians will start to use social media to connect with their general audience of patients and in the context of promoting their practices and educating their patients. Social media will also play a growing role in connecting physicians together, so that they can efficiently communicate and even collaborate together on specific projects. Physician have a strong tradition of not only learning from books but also from each other and being able to connect online expands on the range of opportunities for collaborative learning.

I agree with a lot of what Dr. Khozin discusses during this interview. The sharing of information between doctors is huge, and it will only continue to grow. Social media enables people to find (and share) A LOT of information in a very short amount of time. Thus, the importance of social media to promote your practice. It is important to note then when I say “social media” I am not just referring to the popular social networks Facebook & Twitter.

Social media is all encompassing and builds off of web 2.0 by bringing user-generated content together in easy to access platforms. This means:

  • utilizing a blog
  • creating videos online
  • generating reviews online
  • and much more…
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