Dear Doctor,

Have you been hearing all the buzz about social media, but don’t exactly know where to start?  It’s no question that social media provides a great opportunity to bring in new patients, but knowing how to apply this strategy to YOUR practice can be tricky.  More importantly, knowing how to avoid the common mistakes is critical to your success.

The value of social media marketing for your practice is absolutely huge. When used properly you’ll attract the exact patients you want – the ones who can afford a physician of your quality and expertise, one who will be happy to refer their friend’s to your practice.

With my Social Media Agency, I’ve had the ability to create results for hundreds of medical practices, entrepreneurs, coaches, and medical device manufacturers. In that time I’ve pinpointed the top 5 new media strategies that ACTUALLY WORK to build an aesthetic practice.

In the pages of this report, you’ll learn how to leverage social media for your medical practice, and the biggest mistakes to avoid.  Marketing, and internet marketing in particular, seem to change faster than we can adopt and integrate it into our marketing practices. But you can’t let new technology slow you down, or you risk losing ground to your competition.

Matthew Arndt

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Imagine what social media can do for you and your practice!


Matthew Arndt

President & Founder, Turbo Social Media