Email Marketing For Medical Practices: Where To Begin?

/Email Marketing For Medical Practices: Where To Begin?

Email Marketing For Medical Practices: Where To Begin?

Is your practice using email marketing to communicate with patients and prospects? If not, you should be, and you’ll find this article very valuable! If you are, you should take the time to analyze what you are doing. In this article I’ll review the basics for getting set up with email marketing and how to know if it’s effective or not.

The first step is picking an email marketing solution. For most practices this will be the main place that you store all your leads, or patient details. If you’ve been keeping track of patient information in a spreadsheet for the past decade, fear not, as you can simply import this spreadsheet into most email marketing software programs. I won’t go into much detail on which email marketing solution is the best, but two of the best cheaper solutions ($10-$20/month) are iContact and Constant Contact. Check out this article that I wrote about a year ago on our sister site about the best email marketing solutions, for more details.

Once you have your solution picked out the next step is loading up your contacts. This can be done manually, or one-by-one, through a spreadsheet.


How do I automatically add contacts in the future?

The easiest way to automatically have contacts added to your system is to generate a form code within your email marketing software and plug it in anywhere where you have the opportunity to collect information from potential patients. This includes:

  • your website
  • your blog
  • your Facebook Fan page

Check out the example to your right to see how this can work. If a person is interested in learning more, and they enter their information, their should automatically be sent to your provider so that they now can be marketed to. If you want to take it a step further you can set up an auto responder (or drip campaign). This is done within your email marketing software.


What type of message should I send out to my contacts?

The best types of messages are monthly deals or specials. Sure, a newsletter every now and then is great, but people want deals and discounts. This is even more evident than ever with the rise of group discount site such as Groupon (and that is a completely different, and controversial, topic that you can learn more about here).

Here’s my suggestion for the topics and frequency in which your emails should be sent out:

  • Specials or discounts: once a month
  • Newsletter (or announcement of a new laser, procedure or staff member): once a quarter

Remember that the frequency in which you send out emails is very important. Bombarding people with emails every week will only increase your opt-out rates. Also, keep in mind that while I recommend an offer or special you promote in most of your emails, make sure they’re not overly promotional or “too salesy.” Offer insights and facts that provide value to your contacts. Finally, remember to show before and after photos if you can. This is the most effective way to showcase the talents and skills of your practice.

The most important thing to remember when sending out an email is to have a call to action. At the end of (or in the middle and beginning) of every email you need to advise people on how they can take advantage of your deal. Include a link to your website (which has a contact form) and highlight the practice’s phone number.

Be sure to check your analytics and reports to know how effective each email was. You want to make sure that people are not only receiving the email (and it’s not bouncing back), but that they’re also opening the email.

If you have have any questions about anything discussed in this article or if you need help implementing an email marketing campaign then contact Turbo Medical Marketing today, or call us at 877-673-7096 x2.

About the Author:

Tom joined Matt in 2010, helping co-found Turbo Medical Marketing. As COO, Tom oversees all production and works directly with both the executive team and the Account Managers. Tom has helped to formulate systems and processes for sales, business development, internal marketing, service offerings, client intake, and employee hiring and training. You can get a sense of Tom's marketing knowledge, as well as pick up some marketing tips and insights, by checking out the Turbo blog that he contributes to weekly. Tom has also spoken at several aesthetic conferences in the past about topics ranging plastic surgery technology to mobile marketing. Tom received his B.A. in Business Management Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He is a former collegiate rugby player and he enjoys golfing, snowboarding, hiking, and playing with his dog Yogi in his spare time. He's also a mentor with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program in Charleston. Tom lives with his wife Lindsay in Mt. Pleasant, SC.


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