email marketingEmail marketing is one of the most basic forms of digital marketing, and it’s been around as long as any other digital marketing tactic. Some would argue that email marketing has lost its luster, but I would argue that email marketing is as important as its ever been. found that 9 out of 10 Americans check their email daily.

The issue is more about getting noticed amongst other businesses, many of whom are over-sending or simply sending out spam. In this article I break down some tips for effectively utilizing email marketing in 2015 and beyond. Remember that it all starts with building a quality list. Create email sequences or e-books with valuable information that your patients want to read. Then use well-placed calls to action to build this list.

When sending an email to your list, you want to make sure it…

1) Is Responsive: I’m sure most practice owners and mangers have been beaten over the head with emails or calls about getting their website responsive. With “mobilegeddon” having come and gone many practices have updated their website, but neglected to update their email template. Make sure your emails respond. According to Marketing Land, 66% of all email opens come from mobile devices!

2) Use Strong, Well-Worded Subject Lines: This is a given, but you’d be surprised about how many seemingly “good” keywords trigger email spam filters. You want to avoid the word “free,” for starters. According to Mail Chimp, you also want to avoid help, percent off, or reminder.

The “From:” name is also important. While the name of your practice might be what patients recognize, I’ve seen that with Google mail emails are more likely to get filtered into the “Promotions” tab if they use a business name as opposed to a personal name, which would reach your main inbox.

primary filter in google mail

3) Diversify the Message: Make sure you’re not simply sending out specials. Mix it up with tips and link to your blog articles, videos, and success stories.

email-segmentation4) Use Segmentation: Even the most basic email marketing software’s, such as Constant Contact and iContact, allow you to create unique lists and even tag patients. While sending out emails to your entire list is essential, consider segmenting campaigns based on various attributes, such as when they last visited. Some more advanced software’s, such as Smile Reminder and Demandforce, can automate this. I recommend you read this article to learn more about the different software options out there.

So what’s a good email open rate? I’ve found that anything above 15% is solid. 20-25% is very good, and anything 30% of more is excellent. Of course, if you’re working in calls to action to inspire clicks you’ll want to track that. I’d aim for a 1-3% click-through rate to start. Like monitoring any web stat, it’s more about seeing where you start and watching any extreme movements. I’d be more worried about a practice that starts out with a 38% open rate that drops to 20% than a practice that starts at 11% and jumps to 13%.

If you have any email marketing tips to add please leave us a note in the comments. If you’d like to learn more about getting started or improving upon your email marketing please drop Turbo a line here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.