If there’s one thing I constantly preach to my clients it’s the importance of generating patient reviews. Well unfortunately, those practices that had been generating patient reviews on their Fan page will now see that they no longer exist. That’s because Facebook decided to remove the “Reviews” tab.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t entirely eliminate the ability to show patient reviews on your Fan page; however, you’ll have to use 3rd party apps to do this. Facebook seems to continue to focus on their partnership with 3rd party vendors, but this may not be the only reason for this decision. Facebook stated:

We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall, so we’re removing reviews…”

There’s a lot of truth to this point. Think about the reviews, whether it’s quotes or cards, from clients that are on your website. Or think about the book of testimonials sitting in your waiting room. They both could easily be fabricated, and both likely have little influence on whether a patient decides to spend their money at your practice or not. Video testimonials, Google Places reviews and Yelp reviews are much more effective because they’re more authentic. The same goes for a wall post on your Fan page.

The most powerful way to utilize Facebook as a medical or cosmetic practice is to actively engage patients. This will lead to more interaction and more reviews on your Fan page wall. Any wall post made by others will be seen by all their friends, and any comment on your posts will be seen by all your Fans AND all their friends in their news feeds.

So how do you create this interaction where you’re getting patients to actively comment and write on your wall about how great you and your practice are? Well you need to start by having a presence and posting quality content regularly. This content shouldn’t be 100% promotional, or it’ll turn people off. Mix in health & medical tips, as well as questions to your Fans, so you can get to know them more. Of course, you’ll need to actively promote your Fan page to get people to find you on Facebook and “like” your practice.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to ask patients to recommend you on your wall. Mix it up and ask some happy patients if they wouldn’t mind being in a quick testimonial video, ask others if they can review you on Yelp or Google Places, and ask some if they can simply write a note on your wall. If you don’t ask then you’ll never know.

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