If you haven’t already heard, on March 30th Facebook will be transitioning every Fan page over to the new timeline format. Facebook has been experimenting with this format on personal pages over the past year, and now they’ve decided to convert Fan pages as well.

Technically you don’t have to do anything to update your Fan page, and you can preview what your page will look like by simply clicking the “preview” button in the notification at the top of your Fan page (provided you’re an admin of that page). However, if you compare what your page looks like after previewing to others that have been converted and customized already, you’ll see that you’ll likely want to customize your new timeline page.

Here’s an example of a medical practice with a customized timeline Fan page:

As of now, you cannot set the “welcome” page as your default landing page, but there are rumors that this may be adjusted. Regardless, you’ll still want to have a ‘welcome’ page in place, as Fans can still click on it and opt-in to your list, view videos and more. Remember that if you haven’t already upgraded your ‘welcome’ page from FBML to an iFrame you’ll also want to do that soon.

So Facebook first announces the end of FBML and now they’re mandating a switch to the timeline…when does it end? Will Facebook keep forcing changes on businesses? While I don’t work with or for Facebook I would tend to think that the negative press Facebook has gotten from big companies scrambling to adjust their pages will likely mean you won’t see many updates in the next year, but who knows?

If you have any questions about the Facebook Fan page updates or if you would like to customize your timeline Fan page then leave us a message or call Turbo directly at 877-673-7096 x2.