When my clients ask me about Google Adwords, and whether it is a good investment or not, I typically tell them it is not. Remember that I deal with doctors, physicians, plastic surgeons, dentists, chiropractors and other medical professionals. Most are in very competitive areas where the average cost per click is outrageous. That being said, it may be worthwhile to test the waters of Google Adwords if you need traffic right away and you utilize the behavioral targeting offered.

The content network has been in existence for many years, and it’s Google’s alternative to simply having text advertisements on search result pages. Sure, if you set up a campaign you’ll want your ads to show up on the search results pages, but there are other places that you’ll want your ads showing up as well. The content network allows your ads to show up on other website’s, provided they are using Google Adsense.

The content network has evolved over the past year or so to really hone in on individual search patterns. If you didn’t already know it, Google places a cookie in the browser of every person that does a search. Of course, you can disable your cookies, but most people do not. Therefore, Google is keeping track of everything about you and then using this information to advertise to you? Sounds invasive, huh? Well, like I said, you can disable cookies at any time.

While there is a bit of a privacy concern for web users, for businesses this can help drive a lot of traffic. If your business is utilizing this technology then your ads can show up on any website in the network that allows Google advertising. The key is when your ads show up. Google Adsense’s Behavioral Targeting allows your banner advertisement to show up when the web user has either visited your website or they have expressed interest in a product or service of yours through a keyword search. It’s as if on your walk around town you looked through the glass window of a TV shop and then kept walking, but you start to see billboards and signs advertising TVs. Pretty cool, huh?

The key to this type of marketing is to know your audience. Moreover, you need to know your top keywords. Depending on the type of medical practice that you’re running that can be “botox”, “laser hair removal” or “breast augmentation.” The most searched terms may not align with your most popular procedures so make sure to do your keyword research here.

The most important thing to remember running an Adwords campaign is to have a strong call to action and be able to track your conversions. Here are a few steps to remember:

1) Make sure your text or banner ad has an offer or incentive for people to click on it.

2) If you create a banner ad remember that the design and layout is very important. The ad is a reflection of your practice and should be created by a professional web designer.

3) If people are clicking on the ad they should be going to a landing page (with a large form at the top) and not your website. Why? Because you need to give them as few of options as possible, and in this case, it’s fill out the form or leave the page. If you take them to your website you risk them wandering off and never entering their information.

4) Know your statistics. Assuming you have #3 set up you need to track conversions and know your conversion rate. From there you can figure out your cost per lead and how many of these leads turned into consultations, and from there, how many consultations turned into patients. It call all be tracked to know, down to the penny, if this investment was worth it or not.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, Google advertising (or Adwords) is not typically something I recommend. The reason is because I prefer to help my clients obtain high organic, or natural rankings, so they don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on link to their site. However, organic rankings takes time, so if you need traffic in a hurry and you have the right tracking in place then it’s worthwhile to test Google Adwords to see what kind of return your can get on your investment. Just make sure you have the help of a professional.

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