Importance of Review Sites for Your Cosmetic Practice

/Importance of Review Sites for Your Cosmetic Practice

Importance of Review Sites for Your Cosmetic Practice

Every successful cosmetic surgery center should always be actively looking for patients. However, your practice should also be positioned so that patients can find you (without you having to find them).

I’ve mentioned in a previous article the importance of SEO for your aesthetic practice. I’ve also touched on what you need to know to build a successful cosmetic surgery website. These are two basic starting points. But what’s next?

You’ll want to begin to put more content out; blogs, videos, etc. You’ll also want to get a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page set up. However, before you even begin to do any of this you need to get your review sites set up, and you need to start pushing your patients to these review sites.

At Turbo Medical Marketing, we understand the power of social networking websites. However, the problem is that many surgeons associate “social networking” websites with mainly Facebook and Twitter. By doing this you overlook several very important review websites, such as:

  • Doctor Base
  • Real Self
  • Doctor Score Card
  • Steady Health
  • Plastic Surgery Reviews
  • Yelp
  • These websites typically provide unbiased reviews from actual patients, whereas Facebook and Twitter comments by others can be deleted by the owner of the page. Facebook and Twitter pages are great for patients who have already found your practice. Patients typically want to stay in touch to find out more about your practice or find out about any specials that you have going on. The review sites may often be the first impression for your potential patients. Therefore, it is vital that you are established on these websites.

    Make sure that you incorporate this step in all of your follow up procedures with every single patient (or at least every happy patient). Make it as easy as possible for them to write your practice a review online by giving them the website addresses to go to. You can even go a step further and offer discounts or prizes for those who write a review for you. Get creative! The bottom line is: get your patients to your review sites.

    If you have questions about how to get set up on these review sites, or you’d like to learn more about how you can incorporate social networking into your overall marketing startegy, contact Turbo Medical Marketing today to speak to a consultant. Or you can call 877-673-7096 x2.

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    Tom joined Matt in 2010, helping co-found Turbo Medical Marketing. As COO, Tom oversees all production and works directly with both the executive team and the Account Managers. Tom has helped to formulate systems and processes for sales, business development, internal marketing, service offerings, client intake, and employee hiring and training. You can get a sense of Tom's marketing knowledge, as well as pick up some marketing tips and insights, by checking out the Turbo blog that he contributes to weekly. Tom has also spoken at several aesthetic conferences in the past about topics ranging plastic surgery technology to mobile marketing. Tom received his B.A. in Business Management Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He is a former collegiate rugby player and he enjoys golfing, snowboarding, hiking, and playing with his dog Yogi in his spare time. He's also a mentor with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program in Charleston. Tom lives with his wife Lindsay in Mt. Pleasant, SC.


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