gmailLast week Google introduced one of its latest updates to Gmail. Inbox, as it’s being coined, is years in the making, and its Gmail’s latest and best attempt to revolutionize email.

Inbox was designed to help users de-clutter their many different emails and to help people better navigate through what’s important and what isn’t. Better yet, all these upgrades come with mobile usage in mind. Some of the features of Inbox are:

  • Bundles: Gmail expanded upon the categories they created last year. Now you can further group together similar items, such as bank statements or trip itineraries
  • Highlights: this is a cool feature that’ll show important snippets of an email to you without having to open it. Flight times, event information, photos and other key information is highlighted by Inbox
  • Enhanced Reminders: with Inbox you can prioritize your to-do list with reminders about everything you need to keep track of in your daily life. Like the other updates, this feature comes with a simple interface that reads well on mobile devices

So how will Inbox affect my practice’s email marketing?

Given that Gmail’s goal is to keep your patient’s inbox better organized we can assume both the email sender and the subject line will be important. These will affect how Inbox groups your emails with others. Keeping your subject lines relevant and keyword-optimized will be very important.

Gmail’s last update automatically filtered emails into 3 main categories: Primary, Social and Promotions. This was the first step in the reorganization process and Inbox takes it a step further by categorizing even more.

One thing that Inbox seems to focus much more on than previous Gmail updates is mobile email. Every one of their screen shots shows mobile devices. Therefore, having mobile-compatible emails will become even more important with the roll-out of Inbox.

Time will tell how Inbox shakes out, but this appears to be Gmail’s best attempt yet at helping users prioritize, de-clutter, and keep track of important emails. Make sure your practice is actively marketing via email to patients and following several key tips when doing so.

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