The Key to Email Marketing Success in 2014: Segmentation

/The Key to Email Marketing Success in 2014: Segmentation

The Key to Email Marketing Success in 2014: Segmentation

Email SegmentationNo matter what type of cosmetic practice you’re running you need to be involved in email marketing. This tried and true marketing tactic of the past decade will continue to be vital for the next decade. That is, if you’re doing it correctly.

Email marketing, like any other kind of marketing, requires strategy and creativity. You should be aware of your message and who’s receiving it, which is why the ability to segment your emails is so powerful. Segmentation allows you to create specific, mini-campaigns targeted toward unique groups of patients or leads. For example, you can send out a Botox email (with an offer) to any patient who’s been in at some point for Botox, but hasn’t come to the office in the past 6 months.

Keep in mind that in order to run campaigns that target by patient information, including services they’re come in for, you’ll most likely need a robust CRM, such as DemandForce or Infusionsoft. These solutions aren’t cheap, but they can help you track each and every patient and lead that your practice gets by applying categories, tags, and opportunities that can be used to help you segment email campaigns.

You may be segmenting and not even know it! Auto-responding sequences are a form of segmentation. You’re creating a unique email that goes out to one person if they’ve completed a specific action (filled out a form on your website). This can be done with even the most basic email marketing platforms, such as Constant Contact and iContact. Best of all, you can even do some basic tagging and categorization within these more cost-effective solutions.

Think about who does email segmentation the best. No question it’s Have you noticed the emails they send out based not only on what you’ve purchased, but what you’ve viewed? It’s a little creepy and alarming that they track all that, but it’s unquestionably effective.

While I think it’s important for every practice to put out quality, interesting newsletters each month, that shouldn’t be the full extent of their email marketing. Mix in some promotions, especially if you are utilizing our Patient Retention & Re-activation system (PR&R), and definitely communicate with patients about procedures and services they’ve shown interest in.

Start by evaluating your patient list how it’s categorized. Once you’ve got some organization there start working on your message. Think about what your patient list is interested in and then think about what your message says. Will they be interested? Will it be ignored? Chances are both are true, which is why segmentation is so important.

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, or would like some basic tips for improving your strategy and tactics, check out this article on my tips for 2014. To schedule a consultation to review your email marketing, or marketing strategy as a whole, just leave us a note here. You can also call Turbo directly at 877-673-7096 x2.



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