Our first website launch of 2016 was a re-boot for Ferrara Dermatology in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.

The dermatology practice is run by Richards Ferrara, MD, along with several other doctors and over a dozen staff members. The practice came to Turbo in Q3 of 2015 looking for help “fixing” their website, but not necessarily an entire re-design. There were issues with the layout, calls to action, and optimization. The site was also lacking content, with many pages only consisting of a sentence or two.

The site was already built on WordPress, and the majority of the desktop design stayed the same. As you can see by the before & after screenshots below, we:

  • widened the website layout, including the home page banner
  • worked in better calls to action
  • improved the website drop down menu (not visibile in screen shot but you can visit the site here to view new menu)

old ferrara derm desktop

new ferrara derm desktop

The mobile site went through the biggest overhaul. While the site was technically “mobile friendly” in Google’s eyes, it wasn’t mobile effective. The old mobile site lacked any branding or calls to action.

The mobile new site incorporates “sticky” calls to action, to allow the user to call, email, find the practice on the map, or click on the menu from anywhere on the site, not matter how far down they’ve scrolled on a given page.

ferrara derm mobile site

While the design modifications on the desktop and mobile sites we’re crucial components to this re-boot, arguably the most vital long-term updates were to the content and optimization. Not only did the site lack content for many of its service pages, there were duplicated (or missing) title tags and meta descriptions. By beefing up and creating new content, adding optimized title tags & meta descriptions, and creating a blog Turbo has provided the blueprint for the practice to be more visible online and drive more traffic to the site.

You can see a breakdown of our most recent projects here, or check out our portfolio of website work here. If you’d like to learn more about re-designing or creating a new website then send Turbo a note here. You can also reach us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.