plastic surgery in motionThe latest Turbo project did not involve web development, rather the development of an iOS app. This was a comprehensive project that took about 3-4 months to complete. The app was sponsored by plastic surgeon Dr. John Eng of Plastic Surgery in Motion.

Introduction: Dr. Eng came to Turbo with the app idea after we helped to build his website (you can learn more about that web development project here).  The goal of Plastic Surgery in Motion is to provide doctors and surgeons with a consistent way to shoot before & after videos of patients. Why before & after video? Because video picks up tics and subtleties that before & after photos cannot. This leads to better surgical outcomes, which is better for the patient, the doctor, insurance agencies and attorneys.

So knowing that before & after video is preferable to photos, what does Plastic Surgery in Motion do? Can’t I just shoot my own videos? You could, but the whole key to the range of motion protocols, individual products targeting a specific area of the body, is that they’re consistent. There’s a prefabricated cadence and a customize set of voice commands that a patient follows as they’re recorded. This means the before video is exactly the same length as the after video, and both have the exact same flow and commands.

The challenge: Simplify the process for using each of the range of motion protocols mentioned on the website. Before the app, doctors interested in the protocols had to download them via zip file on the website. They then have to read through the files and use their own camera to record their patients. Nothing overly technical, but somewhat cumbersome.

The idea for the app was spawned from the need to better assist plastic surgeons and doctors in using these protocols. We wanted to make this process as seamless as possible so more doctors would start using them.

The solution: An app that can be used on a phone or tablet that, when activated, syncs the voice commands for each protocol with the users’ iPhone or iPad camera. This means doctors simply have to hold up (or mount) their phone, click ‘Shoot Now’ and then start recording their patients while they’re given each command. For the doctor, it’s literally just click and record, and with the quality of iPhone and iPad camera you can produce high quality before & after videos.

medical iOS app development

The future: In addition to eventually developing an Android app, the app itself will expand to introduce more protocols. Currently, the breadth of the protocols are geared toward plastic surgeons. However, with the introduction of the hand protocol, and even some of the facial protocols, neurosurgeons and other medical specialists have taken notice.

The app makes it easier for plastic surgeons and other medical doctors to monitor their patient’s improvement, which is great news for those suffering from Parkinson’s, Tourette Syndrome, Bell’s Paulsy and other medical conditions. The app provides doctors will a means to provide ‘Virtual Physicals on Demand‘, which is undoubtedly the future of medicine. 

app store downloadIf you’d like to download this app please click the image to the right. If you’d like to learn more about app development with Turbo please leave us a message here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.