marketing on a budgetEvery aesthetic practice needs a marketing budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, fresh out of med school with a ton of student loan debt. Marketing is an investment, not a line item cost.

That said, sometimes you’ve got to “do marketing on the cheap.” If you can’t allocate at least $10,000 for the year for marketing then you may need to re-think your business model. That’s a bare bones budget, but, with the right tactics, you can quickly generate some ROI to increase your marketing budget generate more ROI.

$10,000 breaks down to less than $1k/month ($833.33 to be exact). Before I jump into how to best invest $833.33 per month let me outline all the digital strategies and tactics your practice should be working on each month with digital marketing…

  • blogging
  • email marketing
  • social posting
  • video
  • review generation
  • advertising

If you have very little social followers or email subscribers, your reach with those tactics will be minimal. Blogging is crucial, but it takes time to build up your blog with engaging content, let alone reap the benefits of improved SEO. Same thing for video. Reviews are also crucial for any practice, but if you’re not seeing a lot of patients then you can’t expect to be generating many reviews.

That leaves us with advertising. You can see immediate results with advertising, which is why it’s your best bet if you’re marketing on a tight budget.

Let me be clear when I discuss advertising, I mean Google AdWords. Sure, you can work in some Facebook or Instagram campaigns or boosted posts, but AdWords can give your practice instant visibility among patients searching for exactly what you offer.

Yes, you do have to pay per click, which is why this medium is commonly referred to as “PPC.” Yes, for some keywords, in a competitive market, you might need to pay $20-50 for a click. If your budget is $833.33 for the month that could easily eat up your entire daily budget in one click. What do you do about that? Research. Figure out which ultra-competitive keywords are costing you the most and do not bid on them.

I typically advise clients to allocate between $1-3k per AdWords campaign (procedure), so $833.33 is very thin, even if you’re targeting just one procedure. Still, you can make due with that budget, provided you’ve set up your campaign and landing pages well.

If you’re looking to set up your own campaign I highly recommend you get Google AdWords certified first. This training is invaluable and if you try to set up your own campaigns without studying up you’ll surely blow your investment. Here are some additional tips for AdWords success.

It goes without saying that even if you’ve allocated 100% of your budget toward Google AdWords, you still need to allocate your time to the other marketing strategies and tactics noted above. Without the budget to invest in an agency that specializes in this work, you need to try to become the expert, which can be very challenging. After all, you didn’t go to med school to become a marketer, right?

Marketing with a shoestring budget is extremely difficult, but it can be done. You just need to invest your time fully into ensuring you understand what you’re doing.

If you need help, don’t turn to the “local guy” who specializes in internet marketing for anyone and everyone. Find an agency with a track record for success in your industry. Find an aesthetic digital marketing agency that’s also a Google Partner.

Want to learn more about marketing on a budget, or how to get started with AdWords? Check out our collection of Google AdWords blog articles. You can also drop Turbo a line here, or give us a call at 877-673-7096 x2.