Converting cosmetic patients is getting tougher thanks to the heavy competition, lower reimbursements, shaky economy and fickle patients.

Two great resources to combat it are yours here…

 This past weekend Catherine Maley and I were speaking at Dr Phillip Langsdon’s multi-specialty event for the Foundation for Facial Aesthetic Surgery in Atlanta and laid out strategies that work today.

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matt and catherineIn case you don’t know Catherine, she’s well known in the medical community for her book, Your Aesthetic Practice, What Your Patients Are Saying where she lays out why patients chose you over your competitors and why they did not.

If you don’t know me, my company, Turbo Medical Marketing offers a wide range of ROI-Focused Online and Social Media Marketing  services for aesthetic medical professionals like yourself.

My book, Building Your Aesthetic Practice through Social Media is a must read for any practice who wants to learn how to use new media to grow.

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