You’ve hear me preach about the value of medical reviews online. I even have a comprehensive list of medical review sites where your practice should have a presence. Well now I have one more website to add to that list, and it’s one you should have already been using: Facebook!

For those who haven’t noticed, Facebook has a section for “recommendations” to the right of your wall. Any of your Fans can leave you a testimonial there and any of your Fans can see the entire list of recommendations.

So how exactly this different than your Fans leaving you recommendations on your wall? It’s not, really, except for the fact that these recommendations are now all in one place, which is convenient for a prospect looking for feedback and reviews about a specific practice.

I would encourage all your Fans to leave your a message in the “Recommendations” section of your Fan page. As the number grows you’ll want to drive more of the potential patients to your Fan page to see these reviews.

Keep in mind that name “Recommendations” denotes that your asking people to leave a positive review. Therefore, while it is important to continue to grow these recommendations on Facebook, do not neglect Yelp, or other third party review sites, as most consumers will look to these sites for more unbiased reviews of your medical practice.

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