What is medical social media? A lot of medical practices come to Turbo with this very question. Often times their questions are worded differently, but ultimately they want to know how they can use social media to help grow their medical practice.

Turbo Medical Marketing takes a unique approach to social media marketing. Let’s me preface our strategy and approach by mentioning that Turbo Social Media has existed since 2008, well before most of the social media marketing agencies on the web. We are entirely referral-driven, and we provide a level of service that larger agencies simply cannot.

We combine an “old school” search engine optimization (SEO) approach with the “web 2.0” phenomenon of social media marketing. A lot of agencies see these as separate items, or services. At Turbo, we combine these services. The core of everything we do revolves around the blog, which is the intermediary between social media and SEO. Having a frequently updated, well-optimized blog will not only bring you search engine rankings, but also encourage discussion, which is the goal with social media.

The biggest value that Turbo can provide your practice is a completely customized approach based on your exact needs. We bring many years of experience with medical practices just like yours, and we know what works, which is why we have developed comprehensive packages. That being said, we always look to tailor or “tweak” these packages to your practice.

Turbo Medical Marketing is poised to become the leader in the medical social media marketing industry. By March of 2012 we will have our first book published, so stay tuned for its release and we can send you a free copy! If you have any questions about Turbo or our services contact us today, or call us at 877-673-7096 x2.