Medical Social Networking- Which Network is Best?

/Medical Social Networking- Which Network is Best?

Medical Social Networking- Which Network is Best?

When it comes to social networking there are a lot of options online. One question that I often run into is which social network is best for people in the medical industry? My answer is typically, “It depends.” What it depends on is how exactly you’re positioned in the medical industry. Are you a plastic surgeon, a medi spa owner, a general practice physician, or a medical device manufacturer or distributor?

You need to know who your target market is and then determine where you can find them, or where they can find you. Here are some of the best social networks to get established on if you’re in the medical industry…

1) Facebook: with more than 500 million active users Facebook deserves to be mentioned. That being said, it may not be the best network for certain businesses as it is primarily a B2C network. If you’re product or service is geared toward other businesses, then you might want to consider…

2) LinkedIn: a professional network that is ideal for B2B medical companies. One of the best things about this network is that it is full of decision markers, or high level executives.

3) Real Self: a very large online community for patients looking for information on everything from teeth whitening to liposuction. This is a very important network to be on for plastic surgeons and aesthetic physicians.

4) Doctor Base: this is a great network  for medical professionals to be on, and it is primarily a review site. Doctor Base also has phenomenal software that allows you to integrate your patient reviews with social media.

5) Health Grades: a very thorough review site of not just physicians, but also hospitals & nursing homes. This versatile network is one that most medical practices and businesses should consider.

6) Yelp: if your practice is targeting consumers then you need to be active on Yelp. When I say “active” I mean you need to actively promote your Yelp page in order to continue to generate more quality reviews. This will help “weigh down” any of the poor reviews.

You’ll notice that many of the aforementioned social networks are also review sites. This is an important connection to understand, as your potential clients are looking for you online, and it is crucial to not only have a well-optimized, good-looking website, but also a solid presence on 3rd party review sites and social networks.

Remember, it is not enough to simply have an account set up on these networks. You have to be social; hence the term “social networking!” Being social involves not only scheduling messages to go out, but also growing your network, advertising or promoting your network, and engaging your network.

If you need help getting established on any of the social networks mentioned above then contact Turbo Social Media today, or call 877-673-7096 x2.

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