Mentor_logoBig news hit the plastic surgery world this past week as Mentor Worldwide LLC, the largest manufacturer of breast implants in the U.S., announced the approval by the FDA for MemoryShape™ Breast Implants. These implants give women more options when it comes to breast augmentation, as they offer a more natural shape and youthful breast feel.

The MemoryShape™ Breast Implants have a unique teardrop shape that mirrors the shape of the natural breast. This distinct shape gives plastic surgeons more options for patients looking for breast augmentation, and women no longer have to worry as much about their breasts looking fake. These implants are recommended by Mentor for breast augmentation in women over 22 years of age, as well as for breast reconstruction.

Another unique feature of the implants is the cohesive gel inside of them. This formulate cohesive gel enables shape retention and helps to form the teardrop shape of the implants.

This announcement of FDA approval is one of both relief and  opportunity for plastic surgeons. The relief being that these implants have been available oversees for ten years and they’ve now finally been approved. You can expect many plastic surgeons throughout the U.S. to start to introduce these implants to patients over the next few months.