I’ve written many articles providing tips on how you can grow your medical practice through different marketing tactics. Given that these articles are spread out all over our blog I figured it would be beneficial to summarize everything. I want to breakdown everything your medical practice should be doing on a monthly basis, as well as some quarterly & yearly tips. Don’t worry, managing your monthly marketing doesn’t need to be a juggling act!

Whether you run a plastic surgery center, a med spa, a cosmetic dentistry office or a ophthalmology clinic, here is a comprehensive list of everything you should be doing from an online marketing standpoint:

1) Blogging: If you don’t have a blog, you need one, period. A blog is extremely valuable tool that gives you a dynamic website, better search engine rankings, automated social networking posts and much, much more. To learn more about the importance of a blog for medical practices, click here. If you already have one blog, why not consider adding a second blog, or more? The real key here is time. How much time do you have to spend writing articles. Before you ponder that question, I recommend you read up on some medical blogging tips, and you’ll see how easy it can be to write an article.

Whether the doctor, RN or office manager is writing the articles, the practice should aim to post at least two well optimized articles per month. I would recommend that you aim for closer to four articles per month (per blog), for maximum effectiveness. Don’t have time for that? Well that’s where a qualified medical marketing agency comes into play.

2) Link Building: The key to great SEO. Link building is simply building the number of quality links from outside websites to your medical practice website (or blog). Unlike writing a blog, which has very clear and consistent steps (come up with the topic, write the article, optimize it and then post it), link building in much more complex. You’ll want links to your site from directories, third party articles, outside blogs and other websites. More importantly though, you need to be consistent with the links you’re building, and you need to always be analyzing your keywords to adjust your strategy accordingly. Running a monthly keyword ranking report is crucial for judging the effectiveness of your link building plan.

3) Social Media Marketing: Be active on Facebook & Twitter. Getting your medical practice started on Facebook is simple, and it can be done in minutes. One concern I run into frequently with medical practices is the amount of time it takes to manage these social networks. Fear not, because you can automate your social media marketing presence with a variety of tools, such as Hootesuite and your blog. Yes, that’s right, you can set up your blog to automatically post to both Facebook and Twitter.

The key with social networking is actively engaging people. Not everything should be promotional. Also, actively promote your networks “in house” and in emails you send out. The more Fans and Followers that your medical practice has the more of an audience you have. The more of an audience you have the more popular you become.

4) Video Production/Marketing: This may seem a little daunting, particularly the production part, but it’s not. In fact, all you need to start is a YouTube channel, a camera, proper lighting, a steady hand (or tri-pod) and a happy patient. Even an iPhone works! Now once you’ve shot the video you can do some very basic editing with a variety of solutions. Once you’ve edited the video, it’s time to optimize it and post it to YouTube, namely your YouTube channel. Now take that video and add it to your website, blog and social networks.

The key here is not only to show these videos to your Fans and website visitors, but also to show them to the world, by getting them to rank highly on search engines. That’s why I mentioned optimizing the videos.  To take this optimization a step further you’ll want to post these videos to other video websites (Viddler, Vimeo, Kewego, etc). Here’s a great article that summarizes how to get your medical videos to rank highly on search engines.

5) Email Marketing: I recommend sending out one email per month to your patients. Any more than that and you run the risk of them unsubscribing (you don’t want to bombard their inbox). Make sure that they opted in to your list and have given you permission to email them. Emails allow you to not only talk about new technology, procedures and upcoming events, they also give you a platform to mention special discounts. The best emails involve a little bit of both: education, updates and promotions. Here’s a great article on how to get started with medical email marketing.

Beyond the list of five, you may want to consider: online advertising, press releases and direct mail campaigns. Online advertising, whether on Facebook or Google, needs to be tracked diligently for ROI, but may be effective (but also expensive). Press releases and direct mail campaigns are marketing strategies you may want to utilize once-a-quarter or a couple times a year.

If you have any questions about what your medical practice should be doing from a monthly marketing perspective, or if you’re interested in learning what Turbo can do for your medical practice, then leave us a message, or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.