We’re excited to announce that Turbo has launched another website for a new client! This latest re-design project was for Skinatomy Laser Clinic, a laser aesthetic services clinic with two locations in Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The practice has been serving patients in the Toronto metro since 2008.

Skinatomy came to Turbo in the Summer of 2018 looking for help with both website and marketing. They felt that their site was not reflective of the practice itself, and needed a more updated, medical-looking site to draw in new patients. We wanted to update and improve the overall look and feel of the website, as well as enhance SEO and conversion elements that would bring more leads and patients to the practice.

The old website was a bit overcrowded with imagery, had outdated content, and it lacked conversion elements. Skinatomy wanted the site to reflect their branding in a new, modern, more medical style. Additionally, the old site had mobile functionality, but it was extremely busy and needed an improved interface for mobile users.

Using their current branding, we updated the site to provide a clean, professional look that reflected the practice well without sacrificing visuals. We added and improved the content; improved images; enhanced the calls to action; as well as created a more user-friendly mobile interface. You can click here to visit the new website.

Here are some of the features of the new website:

  • fully custom design
  • fully “responsive” layout with “sticky” mobile calls to action
  • parallax page components
  • improved navigation
  • social media integration
  • full search engine optimization
  • blog integration
  • web forms for improved lead generation
  • fully secured via SSL

You can see the improvements in the after photos below. We maintained their current branding throughout the new website, but made it much more visually appealing with a modernized design. We switched from tiny, busy images spread throughout to strategically-placed big, bold images.

We enhanced the navigation and made the areas of treatment more prominent on the homepage. By splitting the procedures into Face and Body instead of just Services, patients can now more easily find which treatment may be best for them. We also added more conversion elements to encourage visitors to schedule an appointment.

Click or Tap to Enlarge Image

The copy on the old site was not bad, but it was thin in some areas and needed to be reorganized and bulked up on several pages. We took the current content, added more information where needed, and reorganized the pages to provide the best possible information for prospective patients. This, along with the new menu layout, dramatically improved the website user-friendliness.

We also ensured each page had prominent conversion elements, something lacking from the old site. We added lead capture forms, before & after images, links to the gallery and testimonials to the sidebar to help with the website’s social proof.

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One of the main objectives of the website re-design was to improve the mobile design and mobile-responsiveness of the website. The previous website had mobile optimization, but it was busy and difficult to navigate. Our goal was to make some adjustments to provide a better user experience, as well as ensuring the conversion elements were mobile compatible.

We also implemented our Turbo sticky footer, which makes it easy for a website visitor to tap to call, email, or find directions to the practice no matter where they are or how far they’ve scrolled on any page on the website. You can see the difference below.

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If you’d like to see a breakdown of all our most recent projects click here, or you can check out our portfolio of website work here. If you run a medical spa or aesthetic practice and you’d like to learn more about a website or logo re-design, then send Turbo a note here. You can also reach us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.