This is a term we’ve been using a lot lately at Turbo. That’s because we have a new system in place known as PR&R, for short. The name is fitting because it combines two fitting acronyms PR and R&R. This is because the system not only serves as a PR, or marketing, tool, but it’s also automatic, so you can sit back and relax and literally watch the dollars come into your bank account.

Patient Retention & Reactivation is about making the most of your existing patient base. We’ve all heard the statistics that indicate it costs seven times more money to bring on a new client vs. keep an existing one, so it’s worth re-examining what you’re doing to keep your patients coming back. Of course, this depends entirely on what type of medical practice you’re running. A practice that provides non-invasive, “med spa” services is one that especially needs to be cognizant of PR&R. That said, any medical or cosmetic practice that has any kind of repeat business needs to focus on internal marketing.

So how does PR&R work?

We’ve all seen the Groupon and Living Social offers. They come in your email with a photo, a short paragraph about the offer, a heavily discounted price, and how much time you have left to buy the deal. PR&R works exactly the same way, but it is only offered to your list. Furthermore, unlike Groupon, who takes up to 50% commission on these deals, Turbo takes less than 10%. More importantly, you’re offering these deals to people who already know you and may have already done business with you in the past, increasing the likelihood they’ll puchase this deal from you.

Now, you may already be sending out monthly emails with your specials listed. However, without the ability to purchase the deal right from the email you’re losing business. The convenience of being able to not have to pick up the phone and call means a lot to patients.

Perhaps the coolest feature in the PR&R system is that it can automatically send out a special offer to patients on their birthday! Studies have shown that patients are 700% more likely to buy something during their birthday week than any other week of the year! INCLUDING HOLIDAYS! Another very cool feature is the integration with Facebook. You can replicate the deal being offered on a Facebook app, as well as reward people from your list who “like” your Fan page.

Last, but certainly not least, is that you get paid only a few DAYS after your deal ends, directly into your bank account. There are no lags whatsoever, which is commonplace when delaing with Groupon or Living Social.

Focusing on external marketing is something I very often write about, but it always valuable to take a step back and examine your internal marketing strategies. Such as using your office as a closing tool, sending out thank you cards, and automating your patient follow up process. While all of these are important, none can bring the immediate revenue and ROI that the PR&R system can.

To learn more about the PR&R system you can sign up for one of our upcoming webinars on our events page, or you can give us a call directly at 877-673-7096 x2.