We’ve recently completed a website re-design for Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery. Lead by board-certified plastic surgeon Scott Brenman, MD, the practice serves patients in Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Brenman has been working with Turbo since March 2017, when we developed the Philly Femilift microsite for his practice. After having a great experience, he decided to move his entire practice over to Turbo for website and marketing assistance. Dr. Brenman felt his old site was missing a lot of his service offerings and the overall look & feel felt outdated.

He wanted to maintain his current branding, but update the site and give it a refreshed look where he could display more of what his practice had to offer. He also wanted to ensure his site was optimized for conversions.

Our goal was to re-design the website, give Dr. Brenman a unique look without changing his branding, improve the procedure page layout, beef up the content, add the missing elements, improve the navigation, and improve the mobile interface. You can click here to visit the new website. Here are some of the features of the new website, which we developed on WordPress:

  • fully custom design
  • fully “responsive” layout with “sticky” mobile calls to action
  • parallax page components
  • improved navigation
  • Upgraded Turbo photo gallery
  • social media integration
  • full search engine optimization
  • blog integration
  • web forms for improved lead generation
  • fully secured via SSL

You can see the improvements in the after photos below. The old website was a bit cluttered and outdated, especially in the header. We wanted the new homepage to be more strategic with the placement of information and linking of images, making them stand out and give the site a clean, classy look.

We also implemented a brand new menu and made it sticky so it could be accessed no matter how far you’ve scrolled on any page. Finally, we incorporated more conversion elements on the site to encourage potential patients to schedule a consultation.

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Dr. Brenman’s copy received a boost during the development process. The copy itself was very thin, with several procedures on a single page, but we were able to beef it up and improve the layout and readability. We also added conversion elements to each page, such as before & after photos, testimonials and videos that were missing from the old site.

On the inner pages, we implemented a sidebar to highlight reviews, provide access to the gallery, and encourage patients to submit their information.

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After improving the content, the next biggest objective was to enhance the new website’s mobile responsiveness.  The old website had mobile-friendly elements, but needed improvement to ensure ease of access for mobile users, especially since nearly 60% of site visitors in 2018 have come from mobile devices. We implemented an entirely mobile-friendly design to ensure that everything is optimized for mobile engagement and conversions.

We implemented as sticky menu at the top, for easy access to any of the unique pages on the website. We also implemented our sticky footer plugin, making it easier for patients to tap to call or email with only one click from anywhere on the website.

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If you’d like to see a breakdown of all our most recent projects click here, or you can check out our portfolio of website work here. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress conversions, or re-designing your existing website, then send Turbo a note here. You can also reach us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.