Turbo Medical Marketing has worked with a number of plastic surgeons to help improve their search engine optimization. One of the main strategies that we focus on in helping plastic surgery centers is developing a blog. A blog gives you the ability to post an unlimited amount of content, which means that, in theory, there are an unlimited amount of terms that you can rank for.

Here are a couple of examples of blogs that we’ve developed for plastic surgeons. In both cases we simply copied over the design from their website onto the blog, so that even though the blog is on a separate platform from their website (WordPress) it still looks like a page within the site.

Dr. Serebrakian is a plastic surgeon in the Bay Area. He already had a website built and needed a blog, so we set him up on a sub-domain and copied both the design and navigation over. Within a few months he was pulling in top rankings for terms such as “Bay Area lower eyelid lift,” “Marin liquid facelift” and “Berkeley mommy makeover.”

Dr. Gaudet is another plastic surgeon we’ve worked with. His practice is located in New Hampshire. We took the same approach with Dr. Gaudet as we did with Dr. Serebrakian. That is, we implemented the blog on a  sub-domain and copied over the design and navigation. Just like Dr. Serebrakian, he started to see results within a  matter of months, ranking for terms like “New Hampshire Ultrasonic Facials,” “Portsmouth NH Soft Tissue Fillers” and “Eyelid Lift New Hampshire.”

We typically set our clients up on either a sub-domain (blog.yourwebsite.com), like the above examples, or on a unique, keyword-rich domain. There’s advantages to both, and I’ve written a detailed article about keyword-rich domains that breaks down what you need to know if you’re considering buying a domain for a blog or a website.

While the domain name might differ, the strategy stays the same. We work with WordPress and utilize a bevy of plugins to help optimize the blog and integrate it with social media. You’ll also notice another similarity among all of our blogs: a distinct “call to action” in the top corner to generate leads. We don’t just want high search engine rankings, we want to capture information from prospective patients who do search, click on your listing and read your articles.

We offer blog copywriting services as well, and for some clients who prefer to write their own articles, we’ll optimize the articles they supply us with and do some backlinking for them.

If you’re ready to step up your online marketing; achieve better and more search engine rankings; and generate more leads, then talk to Turbo today about developing a custom, optimized WordPress blog. Feel free to leave us a note here with any questions, or simply call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.