Whether your medical practice is new or old there’s a good chance that you’re continuing to look to bring in new patients. This is especially true of plastic surgeons, aesthetic physicians, medi spas and cosmetic dentists. Since most of your services are cash-based, you’re not referred to a doctor who’s in your insurance network. Therefore, you need to find the right surgeon or doctor for the job, whether it be laser hair removal or a rhinoplasty.

The best way of bringing in new patients is through referrals. If you have a strong network of patients referring new business to you then you can’t go wrong. However, the best way for new pateints, who don’t know who you are, to find you is through search engines. Keep in mind that search engines continue to evolve, so you need to have a team in place that knows how to get you listed highly. Instead of going into ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization (or SEO) I’d like to talk about a few myths about search engines.

The following myths are things that you should be aware of, especially if you’re considering hiring a marketing team to help your practice become more visible online…

Myth #1: “We can guarantee rankings”

Guaranteeing any kind of organic search engine rankings is very difficult to do, and it should certainly be a red flag if you hear someone promise that. Keep in mind that search volume and competition varies tremendously by geography, so the larger the metropolitan the more competition (in theory). Therefore, if you’re in a small town with little competition, it wouldn’t necessarily be a faux paux to guarantee rankings, but the bottom line is that experts have an idea of what Google is looking for, but no one know’s their algorithm. One strategy that works well for one doctor may not work well for another.

Myth #2: “We’re a Preferred Data Provider to Google”

Unlike the previous myth, where there is some gray area and middle ground, this one is cut and dry. There are no preferred data providers to Google! Keep in mind that you’re more likely to hear this from a large directory listing website than an SEO or marketing agency, but nevertheless, it’s a flat out lie. No one has special agreements with Google. If this situation ever arises simply ask the claimant for their Google Agreement (blurred out- of course) with signature.

Myth #3: “We know people at Google”

This myth is almost as ridiculous as the previous; however, the person claiming this might in fact actually know someone who works for Google. It’s not uncommon at all for people in the Bay Area to know someone at Google, given the size of the company. However, this relationship doesn’t mean that you have some secret partnership. In fact, 99% of Google employees have no access, or knowledge at all, of the algorithms. The engineers who design the algorithms are isolated from the rest of the employees, and furthermore, they’re very well-paid, so why would they risk their job over a secret partnership?

As a growing practice you can anticipate that you’ll receive weekly, if not daily, emails from a variety of SEO companies, marketing agencies, online directories, and so forth. Many will blatantly lie to you about any of the topics listed in this article. Others may tell half truths and make offers that really only benefit their business.

With so many “frauds” out there it’s important to have a partner and a team that you can trust. At Turbo Medical Marketing we’re committed to providing the highest quality work and service to our clients. I encourage you to check out our portfolio, and if you have any questions about SEO or medical marketing drop us a line or give us a call at 877-673-7096 x2.