If you’re new to Facebook you’re not alone. There are many medical practices and doctors signing up every week. More often than not whoever is setting up the account, whether it’s the office manager, the doctor, or someone else, gets confused along the way. In this article I’ll discuss how to easily set up a Facebook Fan page.

Before I get into the details it bears mentioning that I strongly recommend the FAN page over the Group page for a variety of reasons, and you can lean more about them here. So here are the steps for getting a Fan page up:

1) Set up a personal page: I know what you’re thinking: why do I have to set up a personal page when I just want a Fan page? Well, the answers is: that’s how Facebook works. No need to get all upset about it. Simply go to facebook.com and sign up for a personal account. Even if you don’t want to use the account you can simply use the business name.

2) Go to facebook.com/pages: Make sure that you’re logged in when you do this. Click “create a page” in the top right corner

3) Select your business type: More likely than not it’ll be a local business listing

4) Add your content: Upload your logo and fill out your address and company info as completely as possible. You many even want to consider a custom welcome page. You can include a video, opt-in form, photos and more on the welcome page, which can serve as a landing page for new visitors to your Fan page.

Once you get through step 4 it’s all about strategy and knowing your audience and engaging them. This can be a little tricky for medical practices, but we’lla ddress this topic in a future article.

For more information on the simple steps to setting up a Facebook Fan page for your medical practice please contact Turbo Social Media today or call 877-673-7096 x2.

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