Kyle Song, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Irvine, CA

“Since I started working with Turbo, I’ve been very impressed with them on many levels. Before I worked with them, I felt like my internet marketing was sub-par and I wasn’t generating any new patients for my investment. Getting updates to my website made was a huge hassle, and I felt that I needed to run my own marketing.

With Turbo, I have a dedicated team that directs my marketing like a true partner.  I know what I’m paying for and they really care that I get results. Not only do they know how to generate new patients using the internet, but they also understand the medical market, so I can spend less time explaining procedures, and spend more time with my patients.

My results have been great.  My practice has doubled each year for the past 2 years, and I’ve built a new office double the size with my own surgery center to handle the additional patient flow. I highly recommend Turbo Medical Marketing. Give them a call to see what they can do for your practice”

“Before we started working with Turbo Medical Marketing we didn’t have much of an online strategy. We did some marketing, but there’s was never a solid plan, especially digitally. Turbo not only helped to create a great-looking website that’s better geared for generating leads, but they also implemented a marketing plan that has significantly improved our visibility online, leading to more patients and more revenue. Their team has provided excellent communication and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend them.”
Mark Craig, MD – Plastic Surgeon, Accent Plastic Surgery
“Before I started working with Turbo I was doing a fair amount of online marketing, but it was fragmented. I had one company handling SEO, another handling Adwords, and yet another managing social media. Turbo has helped to bring all of these tactics together, and at the same time improve our performance by driving more traffic and more leads. Their availability and communication is excellent, and they even flew out to my practice to meet with me. They’re a top-notch agency.”
Robert Langdon, MD – Dermatologist & Cosmetic Surgeon, Langdon Center
“In the past, Alma Lasers has worked with a few different full service marketing companies who dabbled in SEO and pay per click advertising. We spent thousands of dollars every month and received marginal results just to drive traffic to our website. Then we met Turbo Medical Marketing. Within a couple months of launching a new blogsite for our used cosmetic lasers department, we began generating leads on a weekly basis. These are organic leads, that we don’t have to pay for, that resulted in immediate sales and increased revenue!

The Turbo team has also helped improve our presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We are now the industry leader on Twitter, and this happened within a matter of weeks! Turbo has helped with our viral marketing strategy, blogging efforts, SEO, social media, and much more. We have definitely seen a return on our investment, and I would recommend Turbo to any business looking for expert internet marketing consulting, strategy and lead generation through social media.”

Alysa Hoffmeister – Senior Marketing Director, Alma Lasers
“I came to Turbo back in 2012 in need of a new website and marketing help. Throughout the process of re-designing our site I found Turbo to be very communicative, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We love the way our new website looks and functions and the marketing Turbo has done has driven more traffic to the site and increased our visibility online. I would gladly recommend Turbo Social Media to any peers in the medical field.”
Darren Jones – Center Director, NewView Eye Center
“I approached Turbo Medical Marketing in the Summer of 2011 because I need someone to upgrade my website and was running into problems with another web developer. Not only was Turbo able to produce a very nice looking website, exactly what I was looking for, but they were easy to work with. I found them to be reliable and incredibly knowledgeable on everything related to websites and internet marketing. The team at Turbo has also helped me with my email marketing, social media marketing and web optimization. I would recommend them to any medical practice or doctor looking to successfully grow their brand and visibility online.”
Renee Bovelle, MD, Envision Eye & Laser Center