new facebook advertisingIn the past, Facebook’s advertising allowed you to target your audience by geography, gender, age, “likes” and other characteristics that users specified on their personal pages. This type of advertising still exists on Facebook; however, there are far more effective ways for your practice to reach new patients.

Instead of targeting to all women between the ages of 30-50 within a 25 mi radius of your practice, why not narrow it down more? Why not target the people who really are interested in your services?

There are two new software solutions that allow you to target new patients very unique ways:

Re-Target to Website Visitors

With Google, you can utilize re-marketing, but did you know that you can do the same with Facebook? That’s right, you can create ads or sponsored posts (which we prefer) to appear in a users’ news feed if they’ve visited your website. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if they “like” your page or not, your sponsored post will show up when they login to Facebook.

You can experiment with running ads vs sponsored posts using this software, but we’d lean toward sponsored posts simply because they’re more visible and appear less blatant. Sponsored posts blend into a users’ newsfeed, inter-mingling with messages from their friends, as opposed to an ad that’s situated among other ads in the right-hand sidebar.

One software to consider if you’d like to try this out is AdRoll.

Target Your Competition’s Fans

Now, if you’d like to specifically target your competition’s fans then we have a solution for you. The software allows you to extract unique IDs from as many Fan pages as you’d like and create unique sponsored posts for them.

An added benefit to targeting your competition, besides sharing the same target market, is that they see your ads when they login. Call it a psychological victory since you’re reminding them that you’re here and your visible.

The software to consider if you’d like to utilize this type of Facebook advertising is Social Lead Freak. Keep in mind that the set up for this solution is much more involved than AdRoll.

If you’re looking to step up your marketing this year and invest in a little advertising why not invest in targeted advertising? Whether you’re a med spa, plastic surgery center or you offer cosmetic treatments for patients, consider these new solutions for Facebook advertising.

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