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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

By |2016-12-23T12:42:15-07:00December 19th, 2016|News|

It's that time of the year, the time to start making predictions for next year! 1) Continued growth in mobile views: No surprise here. You can expect the percentage of mobile traffic to your website to continue to rise in 2017. You can also expect your mobile open rates for email marketing to continue to grow next year. Therefore, [...]

2016 Digital Marketing Predictions for the Aesthetics Industry

By |2016-12-23T12:42:19-07:00December 10th, 2015|News|

It's that time of year again! Time to evaluate the state of the industry from a marketing perspective and make some predictions for the coming year. We'll evaluate some web trends and discuss how they might affect your aesthetic practice. 1) Continued rise of mobile: This is a no-brainer. You'll probably find this at the [...]