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How Can My Practice Generate More Reviews?

By |2016-12-23T12:42:21-07:00November 26th, 2014|Medical Reviews|

A common question that I hear from medical and cosmetic practices is: "how do I get more positive online reviews?" With the negativity surrounding some review sites (Yelp), there seems to be a fear of negative reviews that keeps many practices from asking for them. The first thing you should realize as a medical or cosmetic practice, and as a [...]

Use QR Codes to Generate More Reviews

By |2016-12-23T12:42:22-07:00February 28th, 2014|Practice Reputation|

All cosmetic and medical practices know they need to actively generate more reviews. Many even take steps to help encourage more reviews. Sending emails and providing collateral to your patients with your Google+, Yelp, Real Self, etc review urls is helpful. Even more effective is asking patients directly if they'll review you. However, you can [...]