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Top Aesthetic Procedures in 2018: Why Selfies and Social Media Matter

By |2020-01-27T11:13:36-07:00April 10th, 2018|News, Social Networking|

Aesthetic procedures are on the rise, and that's great news for your practice! The average number of surgical and non-surgical procedures rose 25% since 2012, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). Why the big jump? Many are correlating the rise in social media use to the growth in aesthetic procedures. [...]

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Aesthetic Practices?

By |2017-01-21T09:57:22-07:00January 20th, 2017|Internal Marketing, Social Networking|

Before I answer this question it's important to define what social media is. According to Wikipedia, social media "are computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks." In other words, social media involves nearly anything in the digital world where there's [...]

Is Social Media Not Worth the Investment?

By |2016-12-23T12:42:22-07:00April 25th, 2014|Social Networking|

While in Atlanta for a conference a couple weeks ago I was approached by a plastic surgeon and we started discussing marketing. Not very far into the conversation he said something to the effect of "well a plastic surgeon who's talk I just listen to said that social media doesn't work." My first question in response [...]

Limitations for Doctors Using Social Media

By |2016-12-23T12:42:26-07:00June 21st, 2012|Uncategorized|

As a social media marketing agency for medical doctors and practices, we absolutely encourage the use of social media. Being active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your blog will only help build your reputation and visibility online. However, you need to be wary of how you interact with patients online. We've talked about how Groupon, and [...]

Medical Marketing Strategy (Part II)

By |2016-12-23T12:42:30-07:00April 7th, 2011|Practice Reputation|

In my previous blog post, Medical Marketing Strategy (Part I), I discussed the tools that need to be in place in order for you to implement a monthly marketing plan (the set up pieces). In this article I'll discuss everything your practice should be doing on a monthly basis.   1) SEO: While some people think social [...]

How Doctors are Using Social Media

By |2016-12-23T12:42:31-07:00October 27th, 2010|Uncategorized|

I recently came across an article written a little over a month ago by the, a local news source provider with a presence in most major US metropolitans. This specific article focused on an interview with New York doctor Sean Khozin, MD, MPH. Dr. Khozin is well know for his use of social media, [...]