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Latest Turbo Gallery Features

By | 2017-11-03T14:52:19+00:00 November 3rd, 2017|News, Turbo Projects, Web Development|

We’ve recently released a new version of the Turbo Before & After Photo Gallery plugin. Our last big update was in 2016, with improved filters, pagination, and custom colors. We've had some minor new releases since then, such as: added disclaimers control- can have "nudity" pop up show on main gallery page or individual categories improved [...]

What’s New with the Turbo Photo Gallery Plugin

By | 2016-12-23T12:42:17+00:00 August 17th, 2016|News, Turbo Projects, Web Development|

We've recently released version 1.2.5 of the Turbo Before & After Photo Gallery plugin. This release came with several key upgrades to the gallery, including: Pagination: for sub-categories with over 10 cases, in addition to the drop down menu that'll allow patients to show more cases on the page, you'll now see pagination at the [...]

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