We’re excited to announce the biggest update to the Turbo Photo Gallery WordPress plugin to date! Our last software update was in November of 2017, and with it came many new features, such as hiding categories, cloning cases, and a Spanish translation. Those were important functional updates. Our newest version not only includes more functional and technical updates, but also an aesthetic overhaul.

Here are some of the aesthetic improvements  introduced with the new gallery:

1) Improvement to the individual case page layout: As you can see below, you now have the ability to seamlessly click to view any alternative case angle. There’s no page loading or scrolling needed:

new Turbo Gallery case page

On mobile, the process is even simpler. You simply swipe to see more case angles:

new Turbo gallery mobile case page

We’ve also added a customizable call to action button right below the photos so patients can easily click or tap to submit their information. Lastly, we cleaned up the organization of the case details.

Additional case page details

Click or tap to view larger image

2) Improvement to the gallery sub-category page layout: As you can see below, we increased the size of each photo by nearly 100% on sub-category pages (new gallery example on the right):

Increased Sub-Cat Image Size

Click or tap to view larger image

3) Ability to adjust the main gallery page layout: The main gallery page used to default to 3 columns, but many clients had 4 categories to showcase (on one line), which required hard-coding to accomplish. Our new gallery allows you to define the number of columns shown on the gallery “home” page.

As you can see in the example below, this may require you to remove the sidebar:

3 Columns vs 4 Columns

Click or tap to view larger image

Here are some of the technical improvements with the new gallery:

4) Improved SEO Logic: Our goal was to improve the SEO by making it smarter, using improved logic. Without getting too technical, we modified our formulas to improve the details that auto-populate the title tag and meta description for every individual case, sub-category or category page. Of course, you still have the ability to manually write your own title tags and meta descriptions.

5) Update to case filters: The gallery filters, accessible on the sub-category level, are very powerful. For practices with dozens of procedure photos and detailed information on each case, patients can quickly sort by cases most relevant to them. For example, a 48-year-old mother of three may not want to view breast augmentation cases of women under 25. She can filter by her age range, any previous pregnancies, before bra size, after bra size, implant size, or any filterable attribute you desire!

Here are some of the upgrades we made to the filters:

a) Ability to remove age and gender from ALL categories or specified categories or sub-categories

b) Adjust text being cut off within a filter, an issue most commonly seen on mobile devices.

c) Improved filter functionality and speed on mobile, using Ajax to dynamically load results. See below…

New Turbo Gallery Mobile Filters

6) Ability to hide breadcrumbs on category, sub-cat and case level: By default, the gallery will apply breadcrumbs. However, a few clients in the past have expressed the desire to remove them. Prior to the update, this meant a hard-code tweak to the website’s code, but not this can be handled in the Photo Gallery settings.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Turbo Photo Gallery check out the website here, where you can see how it works and even demo both the front-end and backend of the software. Keep in mind that, as a plugin, it only works on WordPress websites.

Turbo Before and After Photo Gallery for SurgeonsThe software was created for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and medical spas, based on years of researching the patient buying cycle, user engagement, and website technology.

Stay tuned for details on future features and release! If you’d like to connect with us with any questions, about our photo gallery software or marketing services, just drop us a note here or call 877-673-7096 x2.