The new Timeline format on Facebook has updated several areas of your medical practice’s Fan page, including, most notably, the cover photo. You can check out this article for how to update your cover photo, but in this article I’d like to focus on the posts themselves.

Let me first re-iterate that the new Timeline format is not going anywhere, I think.  Like most tools and websites people get used to, a change in the format or layout is typically met with resistance. However, there are a few cool things you can do with your posts now in the Timeline format.

Timeline Highlight:  This new feature allows you showcase any and every post you’d like to by simply “Highlighting” it.  The Highlight feature is really easy to access and use, as you will see in this summary.  Keep in mind that the Highlight feature applies to Facebook Fan pages only.  This same feature is actually called “Feature” on regular profile pages.  However, both Highlight and Feature work the same way.

How does Timeline “highlight” your posts?  When you choose a post to highlight, that post is expanded to the full width of your screen (or the full width of the Timeline).

Where is the Highlight feature?  You simply hover your mouse over the upper right hand corner of any given post and two buttons will appear: a star and a pencil.  The star is your Highlight button.

The highlighting process:  First, you click on the star. If you make a mistake and highlight the wrong post, or if you decide that a post you’ve highlighted is unworthy, simply click the Highlight star again to remove the highlighting.

What can you highlight?  Anything you post on Facebook can be highlighted.  This means status updates, patient testimonials, photos, videos, promotions, and much more.  In fact, you can even use Highlight to customize the look of your page in any way you like; for example, you may choose to highlight every one of your posts if you prefer that your Fans have a large, simplified view of everything you post.

Facebook’s new Highlight feature can be a powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it.  You can learn more about this feature, as well as many other Facebook tools by filling out the form in the top right corner and downloading our free report.

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